The Tallywhacker Express!

So since 1984, Los Angeles local traffic lights were a big mess. Outgoing Mayor Tallywhacker aka. Tony Villar (the name Tallywhacker which means penis, because that is what does the thinking for him) has thrown the switch to synchronize the traffic lights across the city. The reason he did this is so he can chase news chicks faster, after all, that seems to be what Los Angeles Mayor Tallywhacker has been great at doing. It just goes to show you what can be achieved when you let the small head do the thinking, especially when you realize the big head is nothing but mush inside. Hence the dumbest individual to ever sit in a political seat.

I Tongue Clean Toilet Crap.

So this stupid moron, the worst Mayor the city of Los Angeles has ever seen in my humble and honest opinion, has synchronized the traffic lights. Meanwhile, here is what is not fixed in the city. Crime is just as high and brutal as ever. That’s right, I am going against the brainwashing of the local press. The streets are disintegrating, forget the sidewalks they are mini mountains un-negotiable for the average pedestrian and even worse for those unfortunate to be handicapped; like via cane or wheelchair. While the city gleefully continues to plant Liquid Amber trees which are not native to the area and not plant them deep enough, they have cut the tree trimmers completely to the bone. A few guys to trim tens of millions of trees (decades of work) until they get around to trimming your trees. The curbs are pushed out and the trees are responsible for both. It used to be the San Fernando Valley had Plum trees lining the Parkway (the area between the sidewalk and the curb) which you are mandated as a property owner in Los Angeles city limits to maintain. Los Angeles removed those trees that fed the community free fruit for decades in the 20th century. The reason, because you can trip and fall over a squishable plum.

Yet ever roll a sticker ball seed pod under foot from the Liquid Amber trees? Even the local mailman has had issues and almost fallen and between the nasty sidewalks and the elderly with their canes, it is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Liquid Amber Tree Seed Pod – Poisonous to eat!

This Mayor and City Council have made Los Angeles a crime ridden, decaying city with pensions and utilities out of control bleeding residents every quarter with rate hikes. While the quality of life disintegrates, maintaining the political party who by the way is infiltrated with commies, continues to become more and more expensive for residents. Is it any wonder that this Mayor, Tallywhacker, has to get the lights synchronized so he can get out of this town fast?


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