McChipmunk’s Voters go Nuts!

Yes that thick cheeked adorable animal up to nothing good but mischief, once again word of John McChipmunk…

John McChipmunk

John McChipmunk

This buckey-toothed varmint has angered voters in Arizona, the useful idiots who voted him back into power after he lost a national election on purpose to communists, and before he signed the NDAA agreement that allows the commies to seize you from your home without warrant. They are all angry because they have woken up from a bad dream only to find McChipmunk’s nightmare. He wants the borders opened so rapists, murders, drug lords and their gangs and terrorists plus tens of millions of ILLEGAL ALIEN Mexican Nationals can bring more La Raza with them, and this idiot wonders why the idiot voters are angry at the idiot.

You know something folks. As a published author and poet, this is such great fictional material if it wasn’t so real life which makes it unbelievably sad. Either this old guy has lost his mind completely, or he was brainwashed by the North Viet Cong when in captivity. Throw in his daughter or grand daughter, a leftwing commie loon nutcase and the picture begs for this guy to wind up his CaRear and let someone more competent and less commie take the seat for the senate. The damage John McChipmunk has foraged for us all amounts to nothing but rotten old peanuts!

John McChipmunk’s Rotting Stash of Political Deeds.

This senator and I won’t call it honorable continues to prove what a rat he is more than a cute loveable snuggly-wuggly chipmunk. Instead, this varmint of the lowest political order truly has lost it and remains clueless in a birch tree.


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