How To Deal With Pesky Survey Calls.

Have you noticed lately that a rash of survey callers have your number. If your phone announces who is calling their entire phone number is listed simply as the number “1” and I get these almost every day. Now while many would frown and just hang up, when you get libs you can actually have fun. Like for example the SEIU employees recently called us for an Obama Survey and they called each time three times in a row. I guess three is the magic number for them.

“Us Mr. such and such, we would like your opinion on the new healthcare program.”

“Get off the line fatso, I don’t reply to commies”…click! Yeah she called back about 30 seconds later.

“Uh we are calling for misses such and such for an opinion on the handling of the economy.”

“Let me ask you a question. How does it feel to be a communist slave? Now split like a banana commie and don’t call here again.”…click!

Oh that one really pissed off the SEIU representative. She called back again about 45 seconds later. That meant she was wearing down.

“Hello, we are calling for Mr. Such and thang. We wanted to get your opinion on how the president is doing their job.”

“You know something. you’re a stupid communist bitch, I don’t care a crap about your communism, go stick your head in a toilet, get a deep sip and flush,” click. Yup that did it, she didn’t call back. Next please.

A day later I get this Indian accent bastard from probably Crapistan. Call comes from the number “1” again. This time he has an accent and sounds like he is under water. I just sat down to a nice brunch and didn’t want to talk to someone whose name is probably Ahkmed, calling to ask about my borders of this country.

“Uh hello, whose calling?”

“My Name is Hadji and I wanted to make you opinion.”

“Uh Hadji, you sound like you are under water in New Delhi. What opinion would you like?”

“Do you feel secure of your borders?”

“Uh no, because idiots like you under water are the reason why my country doesn’t have jobs. If an American operator was online and you were unemployed, my country would have a better economy. Or maybe if people like you stopped entering my country illegally and harassing people like me, you would have a better opinion…capice?” That shut em up…click.

Several days go by and we get the number “1” calling again, this time it’s a guy who is American in his twenties named Jim asking if we need construction work. My reply is no. Then he gets real pushy like a drug user needing a fix perhaps. So I then get a bit more resistant and say we don’t plan on using your services, Good Bye.

He calls back about 15 minutes later demanding to talk with someone else about a differing type of construction and gets downright hostile over the phone. Click!

Calls again and click again. He didn’t call back, think he got the message? The problem here is merely this folks. Jim and his construction can be ignored, the pollsters calling constantly cannot, because they are exempted from the national do not call list. Here is a great suggestion for congress, add them 😉


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