So it’s almost time again…

Yeah another half season for a national sport whose millions of fans get stiffed by this guy.

Initials are “BF”

“Brian France”…So stock car racing fans who follow the national family owned sport of Nascar which is administered by Brian France as a hand-me-down from his daddy will once again watch the excitement. Now I have heard the callers like for example on the Rush Limbaugh show when they were discussing NFL football, they belittled stock car racing as simply driving at 200 mph.

A few facts for that moron caller to educate the asshole about stock car racing. The sport of Nascar actually is a sport. The cars are modifieds and not a standard car. They are not averaging 200mph but actually at 170mph and the speeds vary greatly. On most straights the speeds averagely hit between 175mph to 195mph. The drivers have to race and keep track of other cars around theirs. They have to work a clutch, stick shift watch the gauges, operate the pedals and steering wheel, and oh…it can be in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit in a car on average for almost 4 plus hours. You don’t call that an athlete because athletes need teams, right 😉


Races are not always won on the track in fact most are run in the pits with tire and gas upgrades and refills. The pit crews face some grave dangers, far worse than NFL football teams on the sidelines. Don’t believe me, watch these and then tell me that teams are not being put to the test in a sport that relies on time.

But what about the drivers, after all they are a major part? Great question, let’s see what drivers go through, okay.

See, it is a sport and here is a bit of what you don’t normally see on the major networks airing the sport, the very human side of things.

See, this is a real sport for those who say it ain’t and that goes back to why is Brian France the guy whose smiling face is at the top of this topic is screwing this national sport and its millions of fans. How? By not securing races on a national (non cable) channel for the country to watch like NFL, MLB, NBA etc. Nascar is a great sport, but when one guy continues season after season to show the public only half a mixed up season on regular national networks, it hurts everyone, especially the sport!


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