KaChang Versus a Shrimp…NOT!

Not  sure what it is with Maria Sansone, but ya know something dagnabbit, she’s alright in my book. Julie Chang on the other hand is sinking faster into Luceyisms than a turd swirling counterclockwise in a non-clogged Kohler toilet.


Now don’t get me wrong. Julie is smart, funky, pretty and talented, she is also a heavyweight at Newscorp and I suspect ( yes I suspect ) a darling of Mister Rupert Murdoch or at least the Newscorp execs. That means more or less hands off if you work for FOX or its affiliate KTTV. Sincerely though, 😉 I don’t, thus I still retain a bit of free speech as a loose canon uncontrollable by the execs. See, if you get in Julie’s way she just gives you her “KaChang!” think of it like a “KaPow!” from the old Batman series.

That’s right you get in her way and “KaChang!” and it doesn’t stop there. Flailing arms, eyes rolling, popped cleavage and a smoking hot attitude that says Rupert may be behind me and KaChang has a license to pop on KTTV at any time. Even belittling a co host as a shrimp.

Here is what I have to say. Maria, don’t let KaChang bully you. Have fun and enjoy that grand seat, cause many other ladies would almost kill to be seated there. Steve is probably the best company to sit next to, just a great guy. Maria Quiban, well I won’t tell Mister E that tall Hawaiians scare me, though Quiban does do a good Hula, she put that blog in its place :p

As for Julie, you are safe for now with big daddy’s protection, but be wary, the public viewers are worn out from the last lady anchoring that seat and you say where she went. She found God and Twitter hopefully. “KACHANG!”



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3 responses to “KaChang Versus a Shrimp…NOT!

  1. myfoxmystere

    Have you noticed that Courtney Friel has decided to leave KTTV, but didn’t let the cat out of the bag? Christine Devine and Carlos Amezcua let it out instead, when she was reporting a story. I wonder if KA CHANG had anything to do with it? Probably not, as Friel has a newborn, but you never know. Fox made some big booboos by letting Jane Yamamoto escape to KNBC 4. If they don’t put a leash on KA CHANG, they’ll feel the kick of viewers giving them the Tae Kwon Do. OUCH! And for any blog reader who gets upset about my remark: I’M ASIAN! CHOP CHOP!

    • Well Julie as far as I understand is a pet project of Rupert’s, so she is pretty much untouchable. Now mister Murdoch does periodically read this blog, but I doubt he will comment. Actually, Julie has toned the sex talk down to a good degree so maybe she will pan out. Maria Sansone is working very well. Sorry to see Lauren Sivan so under used for field work only. It seems she and Steve have a rivalry. I completely understand her personality, she’s funky, but that is fine. Also sorry to see that Lisa Breck didn’t go full ent reporter but Lisa I guess is happy with where it is now. Sweet ladies all of them.

    • Did you see Maria Sansone following Kachang’s lead this morning? She opened her flannel top and talked about “My Boobs” is Maria melting down before us? Is it Julie’s fault? Hard to tell, but I suspect Julie right now is cemented in stone. It would seem that Mr. Murdoch’s group holds her up high. It will be interesting to see how much she can get away with practicing her Luceyisms on public TV.

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