Crybabies and Losers

So those who follow my blogs know I have bashed the communists controlling the Democratic Party which is no longer a Democratic Party. Now let us talk about the party of phonies.

The Republican Party originally ran to abolish the enslavement of Blacks in America. In the early 1900’s they were instrumental in getting women the right to vote. From there though, it has been a steady slide downhill until Reagan came along then it began sliding quite quickly. First because of George H.W. Bush who lied on taxation causing him the election, and later it was revealed he completely dismantled all of the United States Neutron Bombs leaving us with none while other countries are building them as fast as possible. H.W.’s loss brought in the Wiley and conniving Clinton’s and they opened the flood gates for Chinese espionage to dramatically increase. Meanwhile slick Willy couldn’t keep it in the pants while lying to a federal grand jury. He was censured but not impeached, it was a mostly ceremonial act without teeth by a weak political party.

Then after 8 years in office the still conservative Supreme Court installed a guy who was face-down in his own vomit a decade earlier and incapable of running a company let alone a country into power. Almost everything this guy did was against the people in the US. He left the borders wide opened allowing millions of illegal aliens to infiltrate the country including terrorists out to kill Americans and the drug cartels and their ilk as well. He allowed the mass building of mosques by the islamists across the USA and even tried to sell the ports to the control of Dubai Arabs. Under George W. Bush, brands disappeared as well. Anheuser Bush, Winchester and many others, he didn’t care a crap, because he embraced “Globalism”… His buddies raided the U.S. treasury along with a majority congress at the time, remember the Pig’s feeding at the Trough? In fact treasury secretary Paulson so corrupted under Bush created a U.S. Mint medal of himself before leaving office and making us broke. What chutzpah.

And what did this thug and the others plus Bush do? They gave your treasury dollars to foreign banks and covered it up while you lost your remaining jobs, economy and many of you, your homes, and George W. Bush and the Republicans by 2008 had opened the federal government up for an internal invasion by the worst far left hate-America communists available.  So when George W. Bush goes around saying “Ya Miss me,” no I don’t!

Now-a-days the Republican Party is committing rapid suicide upon itself and the public. I call these communist insurgents because nothing else can adequately explain who or what they are and trust me folks, nobody is this stupid. Sneaky yes, lying yes, cheating yes, stupid…no! So in 2008 the Republicans ran John “McChipmunk” McCain a gerbal of true nature to lose to Obama so that communism can take hold. McChipmunk left no nut unturned in his skip away from attaining presidential office, in fact it was quite obvious he didn’t want to win. Then in 2012 Mitt Romney had a major repeat. He went out of his way to troust every Republican contender for office and then threw the election to Obama for a second term. Then John “Crybaby” Boehner, this loser even looks like he is crying when he is not. Managed to get re-elected and began massive purges of conservatives in the Republican Party tilting it left of center. In fact Boehner if I didn’t know better was either a blackmailed politician or just a communist plant to help destroy the Republican Party from within. Nothing else makes sense other than we have an opposition party in the Republicans of crybabies and losers.

Now while the Democrats are under the helm of the communists working hard to get a new civil race-war going amongst other things on their communist agenda, the Republicans will continue to suffer defeat-after-defeat in a suicidal death spiral to oblivion and they don’t appear to care. My predictions are and I have to honestly say I believe it to be true as of now. That the Republicans will lose the house to the Dems in another super majority as well as lose the Supreme Court too. Scarey yes, do I want this to happen, not at all, can it be stopped, maybe-maybe not, how bad does it really get? Read the links below and draw your own conclusions…

Drones Can Kill Americans

The Whitehouse can kill you for no reason

Commies Endorse

Commies Endorse 2


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