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Once A Hollyslut…

So Jillian Reynolds soon to revert to Jillian Barberie it was said in a US Magazine article is to divorce her “SNIPER” husband. I actually suspected this was the case when she said he went  off in the military or something like that. I mean, do you really expect to be married to a nice guy when you go on Howard Sperm’s show and broadcast who you gave blow jobs to, or your nipple size, or the lack of pubic hairs, your breast size, when you like being thrown down and raped at gun point. No wonder GDLA couldn’t wait to dump her. The thing here is I feel very sorry for her children. While they are still young now, growing up under a mommie who seems to relish slutdom is something that can potentially cause those kids mental issues later on.

You guys and gals really know what is very sad here. This woman had a very great career going. NFL tie-in, a husband, a home, children, FOX Good Day L.A. and yet she was unable to let go of being a naughty single woman as an image. In fact she embraced it. When I watch Maria Sansone, she seems light years from Jillian, though Maria, opening your shirt and quoting your boobs following Julie KACHANG is not the right way to go. Got it!

Ho-Ho's :O

Ho-Ho’s :O

It’s a long way from the days of the two above, in fact Hostess is gone too, ironic as it is. Three for the money, aye!

My prediction is that Jillian will continue to sputter on for a while, but her aging CaRear is about to be benched in the future because she is aging and with her age beauty fades. I feel that she might get a show or two, several other gigs here and there, but Jillian’s best days may well be behind her. Will she turn to pornography or a fabled Playboy shoot before Huge kicks the bras? Hard to tell. Will she be hocking products? Probably for a long while. Sad as it seems in her case, Jillian did accomplish a lot, but in the end run lost a lot as well. Time will tell, but remember the old saying and it bodes more true for public viewership than many other things. “Outta sight, outta mind!”


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Does the Net threaten current TV Markets?

You bet it does. Here are the current players.

Antenna, Cable, Dish, Fiber-optic, those are the biggies. But the internet offers something better and cheaper depending on one’s connection to the net of course. That is streaming on demand video and there are growing mega numbers of potential viewers and oh, by the way. You are no longer bound by the local or even national news networks, Hollywood or rental dvd stores that as of late are the new Do-Do Birds, much like the last Titanic Remake sinking into oblivion of what was a business not so long ago.

I couldn’t help but catch a quick (and I might add) angering glimpse of commie lover and traitor to America, its constitution and citizenry when Jane Fonda walked on stage at the Oscars dressed like a banana. It reminded me that Hollywood embraces everything America is not, yet do we really need these communists and their brainwashing industry anymore? Do we really have time for them? Can we use our hard earned dollars for better things than to support egocentric communists and their phoniness as they snub you? Nope to all of those. Streaming internet channels such as Hulu “Free Edition” Youtube provide endless video and that brings me to HD TV’s for the new TV buyer, and for older sets…the Roku Box. Yes new sets can tie in to a wireless net router and the Roku box does this for sets not equipped with internet connection.

Many new channels plus regular antenna TV channels (last I looked in L.A.) about 125 plus and counting easily replace expensive cable, fiber-optic, and satellite dish bills; and with amazon instant download streaming movies and TV shows for next to nothing or on Hulu Free—you just select a series and episode any time of day, kick back and watch. Streaming news, becoming much more common.

I feel it is only a matter of time before most are replaced by streaming media and with a brand new ultra fast internet in the making, streaming speeds for media and data are bound to ensure the demise of many other formats, much like the DVD rental stores are beginning to tank these days.

Oh, and one last thing. Spend your money and time on other things. Send the message to the Hollywood communists you know the ones, like Sean Penn, Steven Spielberg, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand and so forth that you don’t need them or their products anymore. Time and technology will help them fade away and bring us endless entertainment for cheap or for free across the board.

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The FOX News Bar

Several folks complained to me several weeks ago they stopped watching FOX news, and being someone who is critical in an honest sense of FOX and their news, I listened to their complaints. They stated that the news bar was way too high, that it used to be at the bottom of the screen and only for a few seconds. Now it just hangs there and so this piqued my curiosity and I went and took a look and lo and behold it did. At first I had really never given it thought, but after staring at a newscast for 30 minutes plus commercials I decided I now knew what they were talking about.

Now to be fair, other newscasts seem to vary with NBC, ABC and CBS, some are high and some are the old way. Here is what most normally look like.

That is ABC Los Angeles news bar and as you can see it is temporarily on the bottom of the news cast. After watching the local news channels I found that most actually do what FOX is doing, perhaps a bit lower but not necessarily at the very bottom of the screen as had been the case. My guess is that the reason for this is because of the multiple channel formats now emerging from simulcasting on several channels. Like for instance 720 HD versus 1080i versus the old format fit to screen of around 640X480 and so forth. There is no other explanation plausible for this. In older times on analog TV, you had one screen size broadcast for everyone, now it’s a real variety of screen sizes out there and I am afraid it will become even more involved as new screen resolutions and sizes appear.

I guess my preference is that the news bar is actually not necessary unless someone is deaf. In the case of deaf folks they have a special box and text options anyhow via their TV setup. So, having the bar is a distraction. In this case it is probably “too much” information on the screen and a distraction and in essence I agree with those viewers and thank them for bringing this to my attention. FOX actually would save time and money as well as other channels by eliminating this feature. It is like buying a new car and the dealer sells you a bottle of that new car smell to spritz inside your car, so you can be reminded of what the car smelled like when you first sat in it.

FOX News Banner and below…



See instead of having FOX news above and the new car smell, why not just have FOX news below that used to work, was simple and uncluttered by screen garbage.

Below is what FOX used to do and even then except for the small FOX logo, the bar was only temporary for a second or two.

Today you get this and the bar stays there forever.

Perhaps it might just be best to have the bar show for a second or two as previously mentioned. Also move the bar at the very bottom. That aside folks, I posted this in response to those who mentioned it.

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Firearms companies refuse to

Supply government with guns and warranties. Now I urge the remaining companies in the USA to do the same. This should not just be limited to the firearms industry but every industry, like for example the health industry. Time to fight back against communists and how do you do this for them. Refuse to provide medical care for every government employee in the United States of America. Make it cost them dearly, especially the executive branch of communist scumbags. Refuse them access to your hospitals, don’t have medicines for them, charge them up the butthole for medical services.

They don’t like cars, fine, refuse to sell and service their cars. Let them buy foreign products and for you parts distributors out there, refuse to stock foreign parts sales for government. It is time to take a queue from the communists and let them know if they want to ban life for Americans you can help make their lives just as miserable.

Restaurants, and food suppliers, tired of Washington’s communist policies, fine. Refuse to sell and stock the government coffers with American foods and if you are a distributor refuse to do business with them. Let the White House shelves go bare. Let him fly to China for a burger and Michelle to Venezuela for Fries. Oh and speaking of flying. That takes gas!

Oil industry, refuse to sell the feds their oil and gasoline, make them get it over seas and refuse to distribute it. One industry after another. Farmer’s, tired of big companies like Monsanto seizing fields, refuse to supply the government.

If businesses and the people refuse to help the communists, they will learn they cannot enslave Americans and destroy businesses. Meanwhile if you are a citizen, then support these companies starting with the gun companies. They just showed this country’s citizens a roadmap to fight communists and their enslavement, and finally.

For this individual who looks like they are taking a nice crap in each cheek…

No toilet paper, let them wipe sludge….eeeeeewwwwww!

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Katy, the early bloomer…

One of my favorite fruits is the Katy Apricot tree. I just love this fruit though it blooms only one crop per year. Many will have their favorite apricot varieties but I find the Katy Apricot to be one of the best when ripe and they are jumbo in size as well. While many apricot varieties are small and vary greatly in taste, I found the Katy to be quite sweet. So do the squirrels and some other pests as well.

Katy Apricot

The best time to begin feeding this tree is about mid February. I recommend the one in all Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Fertilizer sold at most nurseries. It seems to bring out the best in most of my fruiting plants and gets me the most apricots per growing season.

What is key here is timing. I use Black and Decker’s cultivator to get in close and mix the fertilizer with the soil, usually about 6 inches from the base of the trunk of the tree. This ensures that the fertilizer will be delivered to the roots. I also use work castings at the base on the soil as many insects do not like the site of this, plus it is also good for enriching the soil as well.

Black and Decker Cultivator

and the worm castings too…

Worm Castings…

Then there are the pests. One of the main pests of the apricot and apple and pear trees is the coddling moth. They vary per season per locale so if you set traps and find moths, then it is safe to assume you probably have them. Late February is about the latest you can spray a Katy tree as the flower blooms might already be going. If that is the case, I suggest coddling moth traps as it will be too late to spray the over-winter “Volcks Tree Oil” spray.

There are a variety of traps out there, but they can help prevent wormy apricots. Other culprits are squirrels. I just hate these little bastards and their buck teeth. There is nothing cute about the rape of my fruit orchard, and like a John McChipmunk raping the country of freedoms, these bucky-toothed little bastards wreak havoc.

John McChipmunk

John McChipmunk

Luckily there is a product that stops them in their little tracks. It means a spray a week. I apply mine on the trunk of the tree and maybe a main branch or nearby wall or fence. That usually keeps all of the animals away. It is called “Repels All” and works quite well thank you. This can be found in most nurseries as well as select box stores too.

Repels All

So finally, hopefully this all helps for a great season and if you are looking for one of the better tasting apricots and trees, though it only blooms once a year from January through late May for harvest, the Katy Apricot may well be an excellent choice for those wanting taste quality.

Katy Apricot Tree

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McChipmunk’s Voters go Nuts!

Yes that thick cheeked adorable animal up to nothing good but mischief, once again word of John McChipmunk…

John McChipmunk

John McChipmunk

This buckey-toothed varmint has angered voters in Arizona, the useful idiots who voted him back into power after he lost a national election on purpose to communists, and before he signed the NDAA agreement that allows the commies to seize you from your home without warrant. They are all angry because they have woken up from a bad dream only to find McChipmunk’s nightmare. He wants the borders opened so rapists, murders, drug lords and their gangs and terrorists plus tens of millions of ILLEGAL ALIEN Mexican Nationals can bring more La Raza with them, and this idiot wonders why the idiot voters are angry at the idiot.

You know something folks. As a published author and poet, this is such great fictional material if it wasn’t so real life which makes it unbelievably sad. Either this old guy has lost his mind completely, or he was brainwashed by the North Viet Cong when in captivity. Throw in his daughter or grand daughter, a leftwing commie loon nutcase and the picture begs for this guy to wind up his CaRear and let someone more competent and less commie take the seat for the senate. The damage John McChipmunk has foraged for us all amounts to nothing but rotten old peanuts!

John McChipmunk’s Rotting Stash of Political Deeds.

This senator and I won’t call it honorable continues to prove what a rat he is more than a cute loveable snuggly-wuggly chipmunk. Instead, this varmint of the lowest political order truly has lost it and remains clueless in a birch tree.

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The Tallywhacker Express!

So since 1984, Los Angeles local traffic lights were a big mess. Outgoing Mayor Tallywhacker aka. Tony Villar (the name Tallywhacker which means penis, because that is what does the thinking for him) has thrown the switch to synchronize the traffic lights across the city. The reason he did this is so he can chase news chicks faster, after all, that seems to be what Los Angeles Mayor Tallywhacker has been great at doing. It just goes to show you what can be achieved when you let the small head do the thinking, especially when you realize the big head is nothing but mush inside. Hence the dumbest individual to ever sit in a political seat.

I Tongue Clean Toilet Crap.

So this stupid moron, the worst Mayor the city of Los Angeles has ever seen in my humble and honest opinion, has synchronized the traffic lights. Meanwhile, here is what is not fixed in the city. Crime is just as high and brutal as ever. That’s right, I am going against the brainwashing of the local press. The streets are disintegrating, forget the sidewalks they are mini mountains un-negotiable for the average pedestrian and even worse for those unfortunate to be handicapped; like via cane or wheelchair. While the city gleefully continues to plant Liquid Amber trees which are not native to the area and not plant them deep enough, they have cut the tree trimmers completely to the bone. A few guys to trim tens of millions of trees (decades of work) until they get around to trimming your trees. The curbs are pushed out and the trees are responsible for both. It used to be the San Fernando Valley had Plum trees lining the Parkway (the area between the sidewalk and the curb) which you are mandated as a property owner in Los Angeles city limits to maintain. Los Angeles removed those trees that fed the community free fruit for decades in the 20th century. The reason, because you can trip and fall over a squishable plum.

Yet ever roll a sticker ball seed pod under foot from the Liquid Amber trees? Even the local mailman has had issues and almost fallen and between the nasty sidewalks and the elderly with their canes, it is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Liquid Amber Tree Seed Pod – Poisonous to eat!

This Mayor and City Council have made Los Angeles a crime ridden, decaying city with pensions and utilities out of control bleeding residents every quarter with rate hikes. While the quality of life disintegrates, maintaining the political party who by the way is infiltrated with commies, continues to become more and more expensive for residents. Is it any wonder that this Mayor, Tallywhacker, has to get the lights synchronized so he can get out of this town fast?

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