Dog Poop 101

Isn’t it amazing how liberals manage to screw everything up in the name of making things safer, better, more ecological and miser savings. Take dog poop for instance, but first you have to go backwards a bit and I’ll explain.

Let us revisit this first, okay. The video below says it all, followed by the next photo.

Now here is a simple way to fix that.

That is what happens without Liberals involved going to grocery stores and forcing you out of simple plastic and paper bags with falsified information. BTW, the guys in the background might have been liberals having their own crap thrown at them. Here is what Liberals want you to have.

It also helps against criminals, something else the Liberals are creating more of for you in your neighborhood. So you get to walk around with this deadly metal stick now. And finally just a little more crap on the part of the Liberals, this is what you have to buy your groceries in.

For the ladies here is a novel idea to help you while shopping, well sort of…

or you can just go with these…

and finally with the new type of bring it yourself grocery bags, don’t forget the bags come with something extra special for your food thanks to Liberals…..


Cause when you let the Liberals crap all over you, you end up with nothing but crap.


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