Prohibition 2 or how you discovered Obamacare.

Remember the 1930’s and these times with Moonshiners…

You see, the Obamacare has to make sure you act like they want. For example, this week, the state of Oregon has outlawed the sales of cigarettes. Smokers can still get them via prescription, but at the end of the year they will have to pay a 5,000 dollar health penalty (theft, tax) to Mister Obama and the feds for having smoked cigarettes by prescription. And if you are caught buying them without a prescription, oh well, welcome to Mr. Obama’s new gulags.

See, for the first time now by having your doctor give the feds and irs your medical records they can manipulate you any way they want and this is just the very beginning. What about a friendly occasional drink a beer maybe, a simple healthy glass of red wine? Well not to worry, Obama has his hand getting ready to dip in your pocket on those and here is how it works as of this week.

We all know what alcoholism is right. It is when you are addicted to alcoholic beverage products. Now an addiction is a serious issue and yes it leads to many serious altercations that oft have horrible outcomes, not just for the drinker but also those around them such as family and friends, a significant other. If a doctor diagnoses you as an addicted alcoholic but if you have a social drink here and there well that is different, right?

Nope not anymore. See, Obama’s medical panel has had psychiatrists determine that having any alcoholic beverage is a minor craving thereby you are a minor alcoholic, not a major one. And it doesn’t stop there. When they get that on your file, it will cost you eventually an end of the year penalty fee (theft, tax) out of your pocket. I have heard some figures passing a thousand dollars.

Also the psychiatrists are determining if someone who is even a minor alcoholic should have 2nd amendment rights. See how this works. You drink a beer, your doctor notes it, you are now a minor alcoholic and thus ineligible to buy a firearm or bullets and thus excluded by the medical profession as administered by the communists. The word for this is called a “workaround” to how they will eventually ban a significant amount of citizenry from their constitutional rights. Worse, they will tax you on what once was your freedom of choice for a can of beer, yes only one can, and if you refuse that tax the IRS agents visit your home. They received over 55,000 brand new shotguns.

Listen folks, I am not joking around here. But just be forewarned that this is just the start and why the communists wanted Obamacare, so they can use the medical information to enslave you and remove your very freedoms.

Want to read more then read this link, you will be surprised how fast this thinking is becoming reality, and it is just the very start of stripping you of choice and freedom and enslaving you into whatever the communists want you enslaved into. The road to hell is paved with good intent.

This is what Obama and the Democrats will do to you for defying them. Watch below.


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