Do National Electric Bike Laws Make Sense?

So the Feds set laws regarding what kind of electric bikes you can ride and what kind of gas powered bikes you can ride, essentially EBikes and GBikes. So let us take a clear look at what type of bike can ride on the street.

Gas Bicycle. To understand these, we must first realize what the difference is between a bicycle and a motorcycle. Bicycles have pedals for pedaling, most like via a chain drive to the rear wheel. Bicycles can have multi speed shifters, at last count a 33 speed bike is available and under human power on straights can get pretty damned close to fifty. That all is providing the rider is in excellent shape, but still, that is pretty damned fast. A motorcycle though is different. It has no pedals and it can accelerate at much faster speeds and also ride at higher sustained speeds. Many roadbike approach or exceed 100 MPH. To illustrate how fast that is, you start getting wind resistance on a non windy calm day at around 18 MPH, got it? Good That is the difference between a bicycle and a motorcycle.

Now for Gas powered bikes here is what the Feds set as national law in the United States of America which case the Federal government wants to be known for promoting green transportation, right…wrong.

Gas Bikes maximum speed must not exceed 30 MPH. It can have an engine size no bigger than 48CC and no more than 2 Horse Power.

For electric bikes it is even more restrictive. An EBike or electric bike to ride on a road such as a street or highway may not exceed 20 MPH. It cannot have an electric motor bigger than 750Watts. That is as of this writing Federal laws the states may not exceed.

Essentially what these laws do is relegate the usage of GBikes and more important EBike or (Green technology) to the status of simple slow recreational usage mainly rather than serious ground transportation that is practical. For all the screaming and Green Laws, green news and everything you are told with keeping the planet beautiful, you cannot in the USA ride a real green transportation machine. It is against the law. This thus brings up numerous arguments where the law becomes a national ass and here are just a few examples.

Let us say I build a 10,000 watt bike that can travel at 65 MPH on a dirt road. It is legal in that usage. What happens if I want to ride it at 19MPH on the street? Can’t, can I turn all the power off and use it as a regular bike on the street pedaling? No, because the built up bike breaks the federal law on a street but not off-road. With me so far, okay let us look at the law is an ass part two.

As mentioned a human can pedal faster than 20 MPH on their 33 speed bike. If you twist a throttle on an EBike at 21 MPH you are breaking the law federally. Really 😮 what difference does it make? Honestly, if you twist a throttle at 25mph versus jackwad pedaling at 35 mph aren’t you being safer and this is where I rest my case folks, where the law no longer makes sense. Here, just watch a few videos to get the idea and then I’ll finish up this blog.

Were they breaking the law, no, because they can go at any speed on their human power, but you twist a throttle and you can end up with many legal issues and that is my point.

Now if you ride this, you are breaking the law very much as this guy is here and that is my point, twist throttle versus human body, the speed is the same, time to remove these stupid laws and let those that want a faster bike be able to use one especially a green or EBike since you guys and gals in the USA preach such. Back your words up with legislative freedom for the public.


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