Are China and Russia really the threats anymore?

Surprisingly no. In fact if anything, both countries have distanced themselves from communism and socialism too. While China does have a centralized system, it is evolving and they have a growing middle class. Russia of course went to Capitalism more or less and while the US leaders impose a death tax on their citizens, both China and Russia dropped theirs.

I recently had the opportunity to talk at length with a Chicom and the discussion was one of they wanted to see America and how beautiful it is here. They only wanted to know more about us, see the country and just sit back and appreciate what it has to offer. I remember a while ago having that same conversation with a Russian and a Brit. When you really bypass the political hash crap and scumbags like DIEane NotSoFeinstein for being the mirror cracking thug she is and a traitor to her own country or wide ears over there in the Blackhouse in DC, you begin to realize that there is a lot in America worth fighting for and that the commies here actually are not that friendly to commies elsewhere. In fact, our commies are nothing but the worst thugs out to plunder each and every American citizen as fast as they can. What amazes me though is that while communist China is still more or less a socialist system, it has now more freedoms than America. Yes, you heard me right. If you live in California for example you have not only a death tax but the so-called green state won’t let you have an electric bike for legitimate transportation that goes over 20 mph. In China you can ride a green electric bike that goes 55 mph and there is no problems at all. Yes on their bike paths and streets. If you were to do this in California, here is what would happen to you with the local police or most police.

1.) You are stopped and ID’d.

2.) You are written a ticket for operating a motorcycle (that cannot legally be registered as such.)

3.) The Bike is confiscated.

4.) You are fined.

5.) You have a court date with a judge.

And that is the freedom difference between you and a Chinese citizen. By the way, that 20 mph speed for an electric bike is a national law. So much for having an electric bike for real transportation, and so much for green energy which is nothing more than a ploy to rob the treasuries.

In Russia, new business is welcomed, in California, the government is doing everything it can to destroy any and every business it can. If you live in Mexico you can ride a fast EBike in Arizona it gets taken away.

While many areas of the world are evolving to allow freedoms for their citizens, the vicious thugs and communists, special interests are selling you into the worst imaginable hell where you have no freedoms but to become enslaved to them. They are in power here, make no mistake about it and they hate you, they hate your freedoms and they hate the original constitution too. They want all of you changed or dead. Think I am wrong, then read the news, it is out there and all over. The stories are almost hourly at how bad it is becoming and it will get worse, unimaginably worse. I honestly don’t believe the general public in the United States understands just how bad it will get, but one thing I suspect is that it is coming.


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