So they are asking me because they know, more or less.

What do I think of Josh at Paramount … Drop dead! Greg Biffle in Nascar … Hit a wall! Jillian Reynolds at (hocking crap to make a living these days) … Good luck. Dorothy Lucey and her morning sexualized tirades…please find God fast in your church ruble. Marcos Amian…I don’t think so, but you can try, till you are purple and turn red and I am color blind in your case, asshole. Julie Chang…a Dorothy liveup, you are not.  Jessie…you’ll always be a skinny wannabe Hollywood whore who will never make it. Sean Genumous, hey jerkwad stop bugging me about publishing novels. Go to Amazon, buy books on publishing and become a wannabe. Lindsey Lohan…you are really messed up bad in your head. Drink Ginsing tea and take two Beijing Beafs at Panda Express and you will be thinking clearly. Oh Lindsey, please exclude the Fd’up folks. I know you or most of you are reading this. Bob, your auto repair deserves to be stuck up a tailpipe somewhere, have you looked in the mirror lately. Anthony, keep voting for commies, you deserve them. May they plunder your ASSettes. Jay Morrow, please stop trying to sell me home repair services. You are a psychotic sob and I will hang up on you after I get you going wild, because it shows how stupid you really are, plus it makes me laugh when you start talking very, very fast. Sam, you think you are hot with your British accent…NOT! I honestly think the American forefathers spat on people like you to see which way the hair gel dripped in those times. Jimmy Inge and I’ll leave your last name out, because you can be such an ass when you are normal and worse when you aren’t. I just wanted to say, you are very very stupid and every film project you have produced so far has flopped hence I am right. I know you are going to read this first thing tomorrow morning and I can see steam shooting out your head while you are sitting on your padded toilet seat shooting crap in the bowl. Think of it as your movies before you flush. I have many more on my CRAPlists but you are at my very top Jimmy. May you receive 1000 flushes.


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