Buckey-Tooth Beaver

I hate cheaters and I especially hate athletes that cheat and make it look like an accident and even more than that I hate bad athletes period! So is there any wonder why I tweet to Gbiffle “I Hope You Lose!” Not at all, I really hope he does and here is why…! (P.S. these are just a very few wrecks by this ahole)

I can go on and on and on, but why. Once an ahole always an ahole. If not getting in fights with other drivers after wrecking them where is the Nascar Officials? They give Biffle a virtual pass and here is what he does. Creates an accident that is actually a pre-designed wreckage of other drivers and the jerkwads at Nascar give this guy a glowing pass.

Buckey-Tooth Beaver Biffle

Damned, I hope this bastard loses!


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