Celeb Of 2012 Award

Each year I will post a female celeb who earned my respect. This year’s award goes to no other than Misses Dolly Parton and I’ll tell you why.

Misses Parton came from an impoverished family that struggled along. She pulled herself up from the dirt to build her career and life. But what impresses me the most is not her sexy appearance, rather that she has stayed married to her original husband when she could have had most any guy she could. That says a tremendous amount about her, those actions, plus you almost never hear anything bad about this lady. She has accomplished so much, is an American success story and icon bringing jobs to many plus happiness so for all these positives Dolly Parton is the first female celeb to win my award.

Thank you for everything Misses Parton!


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One response to “Celeb Of 2012 Award

  1. I could not agree more. The woman is a complete inspiration and legend. The world needs more amazing people like Dolly Parton!

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