Why is it always Bergs and Burgs?

I mean, it seems to me that many of the most anti-American people in Hollywood who enjoy wealth but hate everyone else having it have the name Berg at the end of or in their name. For example Steven SpielBERG. Loves communist cuba and their medical system, can’t make a real pro-American film  anymore if ever. Now don’t get me wrong here. He is a great talent at his chosen field, there is no denying that. Only that he has fallen into Hollywood Communism which is very sad, because most Americans don’t want or need communism, they don’t want to be enslaved into it, and want the chance to become rich and live a better and more comfortable life like this guy does.

Whoopi GoldBERG. What a strange name for Caryn Elaine Johnson to take up. I mean, I guess by the late 80’s she needed a name with the BERG on the end of it to be indoctrinated into Hollywood’s Communist “Hate America” Community so she can get work and big bucks. If ever there was a woman who made the right moves it probably was this one early on. No matters how ugly she gets, she will never find herself out of work.

Jeffrey KatzenBERG. A nother communist that belongs to Hollywood and partner as of this writing to Steven SpielBERG. Talk about someone that looks like a Nazi and I am sure he will say that as a Jew he won’t like that remark. Guess what dude. I am a Jew saying it. Fixes that thought, doesn’t it people. This guy’s father was a big wallstreeter, you know, the types Obama hates yet this guy’s family benefited from wallstreet bigtime. He lives in mansions, drives the most expensive cars, can fly anywhere in the world, take a vacation whenever he needs one while all of you can go “F” yourselves, not bad for another BERG.

How about the dumbest billionaire dicktator around, Mayor BloomBERG, another one good at screwing everyone else while living high on the hog. Here is a guy who while hiding behind being Jewish acts worse than Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler foisted together. Here is some of what this tyrant of the worst order has foisted on people while he is exempted. Soda drink sizes, President should act like a communist dictator, no cars-just bikes,window washing illegal. Homeless people limited by number of shelters on freezing nights while mister BloomBERG sleeps in a nice warm bed at night with his billions in his Mansion. I mean, if ever there was someone who should be put on trial for high crimes and treason against Americans, this guy is of the first order.

The RosenBURGS! Probably two of the most evil people executed for giving the communists in the Soviet Union the nuclear bomb technology. Ethel Greenglass Rosenberg and Julius Rosenberg these two are responsible for taking the Atomic Bomb technology and giving it to the communists to develop and expand upon. I am not quite sure there are two more contemptible people that put the entire globe in more danger than these two did. Eventually they both were executed on June 19, 1953. They both got the electric chairs they deserved.

Justice Ruth Joan Bader Ginsburg! A communist on the court of the land, what could be better for our national laws? She came straight from the radical left ACLU and the Clintons had her in place faster than a turd swirling in a toilet bowl. Well, now this BURG has gained weak physical traits that will do her in, but not to worry there are plenty more burgs where this one came from. And that is my point. It is one berg or burg after another doing us in, think I am nuts? Not at all, because all of these burgs or bergs hate the original United States of America, not a fabrication but facts. In fact did you know that a burg sank an entire ocean liner. Don’t believe me, watch below, because the burgs and berg above are sinking America and they are just the tip of the Iceburg Iceberg…:D


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