If you are a criminal, please visit Liberal states.

That is because liberal states are about to disarm their public as fast as possible. In fact the communists are pushing to “out” their legitimate gun owners, just look what went on with the map back east. Homeowners ratted out, their homes being broken into, gun free zones where you can go commit crimes galore.

I mean honestly thugs, if you want to rob cities, liberal cities are your best bet. They’ll cower before you and you can commit all kinds of wonderful profitable crimes there. I mean, liberals may cry but you know what, go for it. Rob their homes and cities.

See folks, I wanted to make a very serious point here. The government is turning on its citizens faster than a gnat on a cow’s crap and that is pretty darned fast! Because the liberal scumbags sense victory. The crier who heads congress, you know the guy, the crybaby who boozes and his ilk won’t step in as they are a do-nothing-group who doesn’t care what happens anymore. They just need to collect their pensions and they will stay out of the way.

All of the gun grabbing policies are steps to take away your freedoms while creating a police state, gestapo and dictator to usher in the most extreme leftist totalitarianism and racism against the people and half of the stupid liberal voting scumbags did this to themselves.

Below is a map of liberal states to visit. Caveat Emptor.


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