Hell’s Kitchen tainted by the 2012 winner.

The show comes back to FOX for the 2013 season, but it will carry a very bad tainting because of Chef Ramsey’s pick to win the 2012 season. He picked a young woman who showed poor judgement and over a guy whose judgement and cooking were better. That is not only my own opinion but that of everyone else we have talked with. It seems fairly obvious that Chef Ramsey’s pick was due to political correctness. Pick a lesbian over a white straight male. In fact the fact that the contestant was a lesbian was not revealed till further into the show as not to create a public outcry.

The problem I have is not whether someone is gay or not, that is their business. But rather, the fact that she showed awful judgement against the black girl and a great biased at that. This should have easily disqualified the final pick but it did not. It is quite obvious to many that the final winner of the 2012 season on HK was because she was a lesbian rather than the better contestant.

Thus, the decision to be politically correct taints the series going forward. It is one thing to win because you were that good, another to win because of a physical characteristic, religious belief, color, creed or sexual preference as was or at least appears the case here. Like I mentioned, if she had shown enough courage to not be a group player against the black girl, I would not have an issue, though her cooking I believe was sub-par to the guy she beat out. That of course is always subject to Chef Ramsey’s discretion.  However it does taint future seasons because it means the show does not promote the “BEST” but rather the “POLITICALLY CORRECT” and that is not a fair competition!

Again this is my own observation and viewpoint though it seems shared by others. Disagree, feel free to weigh in and set my record straight.


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