Dallas, can it survive 2013?

The TV series will probably always be synonymous with J.R. Ewing played by the late Larry Hagman.

That of course was the older Dallas TV series and a younger time as well. Today’s series starts out in the year 2012 and there is a world or many worlds of difference. For example car phones did exist in the 1980’s but were quite limited and also available to the filthy rich. By the 1990’s that had begun to change and by the mid 2000’s we got smartphones. In the 1980’s Texas oil wells were legal, though times were changing back then. Today, the atmosphere in the United States has changed dramatically. In a sense the new Dallas on TNT addressed this issue in the opening plot of the 2012 season. We also found an archaic and shrewd old man in J.R. Ewing. So they opened the new series by bringing us forward and also pulling many of the older characters to the new year. During the first season, it was apparent that J.R. Ewing was central to many problems. We also learned that John Ross could be equally as shrewd as his daddy. The series seemed destined to ride at the top. Then at the holiday season of 2012 after the new season was a resounding success, something major happened. Larry Hagman passed away.

Now you may hmm, and awe at it but this can be a major deal killer if but for some factors. Yes J.R. Ewing was a big deal, an icon of the past and as of this writing today as well. But the entire series doesn’t hinge around just Larry Hagman, and in fact it hinges around a younger active group of individuals that grew up and are now calling the shots with a few of the 80’s icons trying to keep the peace. So this then brings the big question, can Dallas survive without J.R. Ewing and I believe it can, though it will require changing things around.

Who is the new J.R.? Well not Ray Crebbs nor Gary Ewing. Definitely not Bobby, his character is cemented already as of his actions in the first 2012 season. Cliff Barnes is also back in the picture, and this also weighs upon John Ross. But there is an ally here and one strong enough to even out what J.R. leaves behind and that is a woman. Lucy Ewing? Not quite, she sides with Bobby. Not Miss Ellie’s ghost! Nope it is none other than Miss Sue Ellen defending her son. There is nothing more dangerous than a mother defending her children no matters what the problem is. yeah she despised J.R., but when push comes to shove, a much more vicious Sue Ellen could become the new power broker. Together with John Ross, it could make an even more interesting future for the series so I believe the authors of today’s series can fix it. Meanwhile, RIP J.R. Ewing…!


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