Tallywhacker, Drugs and a Pornochick!

So were you figuring more from Los Angeles Mayor Tallywhacker? I mean the guy still has his gangbanger tatoos, cheated on his wife and kids, lies through his teeth and lets the small head do the thinking instead of the one on his shoulders. I mean, if ever there was a real “DICKHEAD” mayor of a city, any city, this guy is the real deal. So he called Cholie Sheet a liar and Tallywhacker claimed that he was with Cholie Sheet for 3 minutes.

Of course a guy whose tallywhacker, erhmmm, seems to indicate which erection he will be headed off to has proven himself a notorious liar in the past. Then there is the word of Cholie SHEET! The guy whose mind is on drugs and hangs out with porno chicks. Cholie says it ain’t so. Well, here, listen to this okay.

See, here’s the problem. This Mayor has no credibility. He is a lying sack of crap at best and don’t get me started. The city has crumbled under his work. Charlie is what he is. He doesn’t hide what he is, an MF F’ed up on drugs, porn and stupid enough to get himself out of a top TV show. But honestly, he has nothing to hide by saying this Mayor, this dickhead stayed more than 3 minutes. In fact not only was a porno chick there so were drugs and the Los Angeles Mayor was there too. Instead of fixing the city, he is out letting the small head make the decisions, hence why this dickhead deserves the official name Mayor Tallywhacker. In July of 2013 he will shrivel up and recede hopefully from office, never to piss on the public again.



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