Blind as a Morning Segment.

So there is this guy who reads the blogs here, Mister Rupert Murdoch whom I like greatly. I know as he reads this the smirk will appear mixed with a bit of frustration. This is because Mister Murdoch knows I call it as it is. If the king has no clothes he has no clothes and if it costs me a career, well so be it. I’ll survive 😉

So Mister Murdoch said he trusts others to run things for him, after all that is what he is paying them for. So lets redo the morning first. Now I have posted many articles on why the FOX morning casts are tanking. It’s the viewers execs, got it? If you don’t understand your viewers and their viewing habits, then you are screwing Mister Murdoch on the KTTV morning schedule. Put in Lisa Breckenridge, she is heavily tied into the entertainment industry, please send Julie Chang back to New York City. Entertainment reporter issue solved. On anchor of the other seat send Maria Sansone back to New York City and put in Gina Silva. She for whatever reason seems to work out better with Steve than does Lauren Sivan whom I consider a perfect on queue news delivery vehicle.

Learn who your audience is. 5 hours of news don’t cut it. Make GDLA at KTTV a full blown entertainment show. Got it FOX KTTV execs, can someone say it any plainer than that?

Evening newscasts. Chuck Carlos Amezcua. Stick together these three ladies. Laura Diaz, Christine Devine, Liz Habib. Newscasts nailed. Rehire Mark Thompson for weather. Leave Pablo for earlier weather newscasts. Laura Diaz an Christine Devine are two powerhouses in the SoCal news delivery. Leave Carlos at the earlier broadcasts. Between Laura and Christine you have the two most powerful news anchors in SoCal bar none. Liz on sports/weather, nailed.

These are streamlining actions that advance KTTV both in the mornings and in the later evening. Do these realignments and it gets fixed. Don’t do it and you are all as execs screwing Mister Murdoch and I can assure all of you he won’t be smiling when he is getting screwed.

One last note to Mister Murdoch. Want a very controversial show that will make sparks fly bigtime? Imagine a national discussion on politics show where many from across the country are watching on live main networks. You can get any sponsors you want and profit handsomely from them. This involved burying a few hatchets and having the guts to make a real ballsy decision. Here goes.

Take Bill O’Reilly and Dr. Michael Savage and give them a show together. Invite Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh as co-hosting guests and then invite the opposing views and sit them all down together. Pre-tape the show for any edits and let the national political sparks fly. You do this Mister Murdoch and pull it off and I can guarantee you that for the hour your show runs on antennae networks, it will have a majority of people glued. That is my challenge to you. Do you have the guts to do it? I think so, can it happen, maybe. Bill and Michael against the world and sometimes each other but you know what. Against far left viewpoints it would be fantastic to hear the ideas and arguments flowing. Think of it as the McLaughlin Group on bigtime steroids.

So mister Murdoch can you set differences and the past aside and pull in someone who has been a foe for ratings? Time will tell. They say it takes a big person to apologize and a bigger one to accept it. How about a 2013 national debate show like above? It would make an apology and acceptance all in one shot for Americans.


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