A very grim 2013 coming?

It appears that criminal commie Dianne Feinstein is introducing bills in the senate that by around January 22nd will reclassify many legally owned firearms as illegal and criminalize millions of Americans. In the same respect while in California it is nearly impossible to get a firearms permit for a handgun, she has one. It’s okay for this old pig to have self protection but not you.  In addition her political party in power has stocked up on billions of rounds of hollow point bullets, I kid you not. Hollow points are used for mainly small hand guns and to “KILL” humans. Got it yet? Republicans as well as Democrats are expected to sign all of these laws into effect.

Now the 2nd Amendment be damned and it’s not your only amendment under assault, nope, not at all. The communists have provided Obama a kill switch to shut down nationally all forms of communication and here is what they are when his thumb presses that switch. Telephones, cell, land lines and satellite. The internet across the board. Radio both AM, FM and UHF bands plus Ku bands to. Television stations and finally radio operations such as HAM radios. How effective will it be, hard to say.

It appears that with the Republicans electing John Boner who has been purging every conservative in the Republican Party and sabotaging it as often as he can, that they are trying to kill that party. I believe that John Boner is a plant, inserted into the Republican Party to stiff its members and voter base, after all, just look at his last name. He’s perfect for stiffing everyone. I mean when you combine names like Boehner, Harry and Holder you get the slippery picture where the country is going.



I hope this is way off the mark. Personally I would like to think differently but it appears as what it is to me folks. I am not making this up, it has been repeatedly in the news.  If you google the articles they are all over. Hopefully I am wrong. What can you do about it? Call your local congressman or woman and scream about this. Your very freedoms and safety as an American citizen might well be in jeopardy, perhaps your very life and that of your family. Good luck, let us hope that this evil creature Dianne Feinstein can be stopped from removing your freedoms while she retains it for herself the hypocrite she is. Your freedoms are given to you as unalienable rights. She and others are looking to take those freedoms, your choice and rights away from you on the way to enslaving you to her will later. Call and complain to your congressman. Demand she be tried for treason against the constitution which she took an oath to uphold and against you as a citizen.


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