RIP Gloria Pall.

This was my friend in her younger days. Below is the Gloria Pall I knew and loved.

I met Gloria in the early 1990’s through the CWC chapter. She was always dressed kinky, even at home. She had a Flatbush accent and she was a sweetheart of a lady. In her younger years she was a knockout that many a guy wanted. On many magazine covers and being the original cameo queen, she remained a heart throb and even today is well loved by a growing world-wide cult following. Yeah what a dear sweet lady. Did you know she was actually Elvis Preseley’s first romance. She told me that Elvis was a very true southern gentleman, just the nicest person you could meet. They remained good friends through 1977 right to his demise. Gloria may also have been Mae West’s daughter. There remained ample evidence to this and she had been working on a book about it.

I hope researchers in the near future can piece that together as it is of significant importance. Gloria and I were friends till the end and I brought her bags of occasional oranges from my Valencia Orange tree. Oh how she loved juicing those oranges. She starred in many films though as a cameo, but was well known in the industry and by many big named celebs at that. By the 1960’s, this sharp lady got into real estate and did pretty well. As her career faded by the mid 1960’s she still kept active doing many things.

Gloria’s next door neighbor at one time was misses Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie fame. She said that Barbara was quite mean to her. I was not there so I couldn’t know why that would be the case and I didn’t make it a point to get into either. The last time I visited Gloria was on June 29th. In her later years she suffered back pain and things as they do for many celebs deteriorated a bit yet she still managed to public books God bless her and attend periodic events for her fans.

What I can tell you is this was a very sweet and caring individual. She loved people and she particularly loved the real and older America. In a world of Hollywood communists, this woman was a real American and stuck by higher morals long gone from the industry she served so long ago. The world grew smaller with Gloria’s passing and I just wanted to say to my long time friend you will be missed for the gentle caring and loving person we knew these decades. RIP Gloria!!!


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