Guns and Gulags for you and them.

Here is schmuck banana man calling for your opposition to be imprisoned in gulags.

Here is schmuck senator DIEanne NotSoFeinstein calling for you to be setup for gun ownership confiscation, a prelude to you being brown-shirted into gulags. See how it works.

and here is what she wants for herself.

and did you know her husband has investments into Al Jezeera’s new TV station to broadcast in the USA anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda.

Al Gore sold a TV station to Arab controlled Al Jezeera in your country of the United States of America under current installed dictator Barak HUSSEIN Obama.

It is time to Impeach Dianne Feinstein for treason and throw both her and her husband in jail for their remaining days. They are traitors to the U.S. Constitution and to every American citizen and the country.



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2 responses to “Guns and Gulags for you and them.

  1. Yeah too bad. This woman is a traitor to this country. I hope in the end, they try her for major treason and then make her walk the gallos when they find her guilty, the thug she is. And you wonder who gives Jews a bad rap. She is destroying our freedom. She is a piece of crap bigtime and looks it too.

  2. myfoxmystere

    Too bad Kinde Durke didn’t clean out Feinstein’s campaign account when she looted a bunch of left wing libturds of hard cold campaign cash. The fat lady didn’t do enough damage to wipe out the big birdbrains into blood red debt. She should have looted Feinstein, Big Nanny Pigloser and the Sanchez sisters more than the others.

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