How To Fertilize A Fruit Tree?

Well yes, there are ways to get your tree to grow fruit and they vary, not greatly, but have a commonality you need to understand.

The first thing is watering. Does your fruit tree/bush require a lot or little? Can you set up an irrigation system rather then by sprinkler?

When does your tree require feeding? For example, a Chinese Loquat blooms in December through the early year while an Avocado tree may bloom during the summer thru fall. Important you know what to feed and when.

Watch the numbers!

Not all fertilizer is the same. For example while a typical fig tree goes well with a 10-10-10 feed, a more tropical nitrogen fixing tree might require additional Potassium in the ground and a fertilizer of 0-10-10 such as an Inga Edulis aka. (Vanilla Ice Cream Bean Tree)

But there is a commonality agree upon most feedings of fruit plants and trees. Never at the base. Instead about 6 inches around the base and in some cases a foot out does the trick. Can you turn the soil (tilling) and get the feed in the ground faster? Yes, this works good too. Remember to feed by the directions. During a growing season, a typical fruit tree might require feed twice a month. This can vary greatly so always read the manufacturers instructions. As trees mature and their roots grow deeper, watering will become less necessary to a point.

Also, during the winter months, learn which plants or trees are cold hardy as frost kills. So does excessive heat. Always plant wisely and if you do everything right, by most Spring and Autumns, you will be rewarded by juice sweet fruit.


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