Now let us talk religion. If there are liberal Jews like for instant from the state of Virginia in the United States they can effectively be called VAJINOS. That is VA. Jews In Name Only. These are liberals who say they are Jews but hate America, Israel, other Jews and Christians. These scumbags are the real carpetbaggers and for those who say this is racist, guess what…tada, I am a JEW, got it!

These Jews like to have a business, work, cars, family, in essence they love the capitalistic dream but like all hypocrites vote for communism and communists. Did you know that commies love to live big while making slaves of everyone else. No really. Let me tell you how commies really live.

They get a mansion, high end car, a jet, a big boat lotsa cash in gold and you get to be their servant. Think of it like the old South with the plantation owner and the rest being slaves. You’re the slave. When the time comes, these JINOS will shed their Jewishness, act like the very schmucks they are and then thrive as the plantation owners. By the way this applies to BINOS, those are “Blacks In Name Only” afterall we have had RINOS so why not these groups of people. If a black man or woman is conservative or pro-American they are an Aunt Jemima or an Uncle Tom, but if they are left leaning well now you can call them a BINO. The Jews who are conservative well they are the Blue People, but if you are left leaning, now you can call them what they are. Jews In Name Only or JINO and if they are from Virginia, well have fun.



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3 responses to “VAJINOS

  1. The entire American landscape is being destroyed from within as fast as Odumbo can do it.

  2. myfoxmystere

    For the brainwashed Asians, they’re called bananas. Native American dumbasses are rotten red apples…the favorite food of donkeys! I hear that the Tony Villaraigosa wannabes are called coconuts. Oh wait…what do we call the 2 Jessie Jacksons, Fat Albert Sharpton and Earl Ofari Hutchinson? A bunch of oreos.

  3. myfoxmystere

    I have another name for them: big dumb apes.

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