GDLA Holiday Fun Rolling Dice.

So today, Andrew Dice Clay visited GDLA. He has a new cursing show. Co-anchoring was Lauren Sivan and boy oh boy did Steve Edwards seem irritated, cutting her short several times. Then Julie Chang and Lauren got into it and it seemed possible it would get completely out of hand. Other then some gossip and not much at that, GDLA struggled on as a mere extension of the early morning news through mid morning. A strategy that I am afraid, will not hold viewers that are disappearing, nor be what it could be.

This then is a bad strategy. While GDLA has been cut to the bone, it is not what it used to be. Granted the former two co-hostesses


Both deserved to be gone, what GDLA has become is just reading the news, using an entertainer show host to do it. It seems that KTTV’s management decided to go for the cheap. Whereas, Good Day L.A. could have been a full blown entertainment venue attracting and holding viewers for two hours, packed with a lot on a schedule. The execs went for cheap and now you get 5 yes count them 5 hours of news every morning. Now who watches the news for three hours in a row let alone 5? The answer is nobody. Did I shock you? Good! Because the execs at KTTV are delusional if they think they are advancing viewership with what they are doing now. Rupert Murdoch once claimed he entrusts the people he hires to do good by him. I can tell you, they are not. In fact they have seen viewers driven away. Where there used to be three hours of viewers, ain’t happening any more. Nobody guys and gals at KTTV is going to sit and listen to the same news cast for almost five hours. People will get the weather, maybe traffic, a few minutes and then get on with other things in their lives. Maybe they will watch an interview, but I can most assure you, the TV viewer is gone after that. They are not going to stick around to watch Julie Chang being wacky. They get tired it seems of Maria Sansone, and they read a face of a tired host who has witnessed all sorts of stupid changes.

BTW, Araksya doesn’t do it for me. Jean did, because she was the news anchor. KTTV execs kicking her out of the news sent a great majority of viewers to rival KTLA, something worth noting. Sorry Araksya nothing personal, just the way it is honey! You don’t work well as the co-anchor alongside Tony. That is of course my own opinion and it stands as I see fit.

So, after the diceman and some wrangling between two co-anchors on GDLA who two years ago were at GDNY and now here, I turned the channel off, poured more hot coffee and then read the paper before getting on to other venues to deal with.

Now for those that want to see what the diceman is really like, well a cleaned up version imitation enjoy this…from a loser comedienne who got his CaRear banned.


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