DIEanne NotSoFeinstein to shove a gun bill up yours.

California’s political old hag Dianne Feinstein is sponsoring an anti- second amendment bill to  get this.

Adds hundreds of guns to be banned. Requires you to become fingerprinted if you own a firearm.

Requires registration of the type of gun you own, the address where it is kept and its serial number.

This is of course as most know what happened in Nazi Germany. Obama said in 2008, well here, listen to what he said.

Do you get it yet? No, okay. DIEanne Feinstein is a totalitarian hypocrite of the criminal order. She has broken the law many times and now seeks to destroy the constitution. So who will come for your firearms?

Well, if the installed dictator has any say, this is what will happen.

and what does this lead to?

Thank you DIEanne Feinstein for furthering this country toward being AmeriKa!


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