Work like this.

During the holiday season of 2012, Jeffrey Imelt, the CEO of General Electric whose company earned 5 billion dollars in profits while he wants the wealthy taxed, yet G.E. paid not one dollar of tax. In addition this CEO is Obama’s Job Czar and yet has been exporting American jobs abroad, some czar huh.

A photo of Jeffrey Imelt…a big piece of CRAP!

So this piece of crap goes to China then comes back amazed at their system, how it works (slave labor) and this anti-American communist scumbag of the lowest excrement order, whose company make crap products that break a day after warranty has the unmittigated gaul of telling our government they should be like communist China with slave labor thrown in, cause this guy who should be tried for high treason and then hung as far as I am concerned wants you to be like these people in China. Here read the link below, and then we will continue in this blog posting.

So a woman opens a box and gets in her China made Halloween decorations box a letter that is a plea from people who are labor slaves…just what the piece of crap above wants you to become. Now here is that link, okay, read it through and below that a copy of the letter from China. Read it and read it good, very good, because this is what they want you to become.

And now what people that work in the system Jeffrey Imelt loves are going through and what Imelt wants you to become.

Merry Christmas!


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