“Gun Owners Against Sports Cars”

That’s right, let us discuss automobiles that are sporty in any way killing more people than guns do. Have you followed a drunk driver lately?

1990 thru 2012

Gun deaths round out at 30,000 in America.

Motor Vehicle deaths rounded out at 45,000. Tell that to every ahole that complains about guns. Start by banning sports cars. Wanna hear libs scream when their Toyota, Honda and Porsches get taken away, then start by banning the number one killer and while we are at it, ban every alcoholic beverage. They tried that back in the 1930’s. Ban cell phones, ban joints, ban radios in cars and ban the radio stations that broadcast to them. Ban commercial advertisers who broadcast on radio stations that are listened to in cars and ban their employees as conspirators to making you crash to kill people.

Ban windshield wipers, because those things going back and forth and back and forth can distract you. Ban advertising bill boards along all roadways in the USA. Ban fast food restaurants and in fact ban all tall gas station signs, they distract too. Ban women who look too nice and ban jerks who stare at the women from their cars, because they don’t deserve anything, especially driving.

Ban coffee, ban sweeteners, ban sugar for the coffee, ban creamer and ban coffee places or any place that serves coffee, because it wires drivers too much.

Ban tire companies like you want to ban bullets for guns, after all, a standard road car, especially a sports car cannot travel without tires. Ban gasoline. Ever see those warning labels that gasoline causes cancer at the pump. Ban car mechanics, instead let them make donuts for a living…oh wait, ban donut shops, cause those attract drivers…sorry Mama’s 😮

Ban toll roads, after all, why have a toll road if you ban cars, and finally, ban every crooked politician there is. If you ban every political dumbass that proposes bans on your life and safety, you won’t have bans in the first place 😀



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2 responses to “G.O.A.S.C.

  1. Why not regulate by taxing, like is done with tobacco and gas? Certainly no one NEEDS a sports car, and far fewer have any rational need for owning guns than have them. So those who want them should pay extra for the privilege. Driving requires testing and education enough to take tests proving you can operate safely. Why not for shooting?

    • Why not tax fat people and tax dogs for pooping. Let’s tax furniture too on top of the normal sales tax, after all, couches and chairs make people fat. Let’s tax air while we are at it, people exhale carbon (oh wait, they are already in the process of that, never mind) ;et’s charge a fee for staring since it stresses eyesight and a tax for staring could help offset medical costs. We can creat a fart tax too. Do you know that farts can explode into a ball of flames if you are near an incindiary source. Do you get the point yet. More deaths have been committed by other means than guns, including cars, knifes. Should we outlaw knifes including eating cutlery or require people to pay taxes as fees for using a knife to eat with? That would cover all of the stabbings, right?

      Car’s require you to know how to drive. You must be able to adjust mirrors, put it in gear, operate a brake pedal as well as a gas pedal and in many cases a clutch and stick shift. You must know how to use windshield wipers, lights. You need to read signs and know what to do at 65mph when approaching fog or an accident etc. There are many more variables. By allowing the government to license people you also give the government an address for the Brownshirts when they come to collect your firearms and disarm you as a prelude to tyranny. Please before responding read your history of how societies who disarmed to their respective governments were then enslaved and portions that resisted or criticized were slaughtered by their governments. Learn before they come for you, okay.

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