So why don’t they win? Because they purposefully are big losers. They don’t want to win, just keep their own nest eggs and screw all of you.

George W. Bush – loser. He couldn’t even run a baseball team, how did you expect him to run the United States for God sakes.

George H.W. Bush – loser. Not only did he increase taxes after promising not to, but he also secretly dismantled every American neutron bomb, besides being a globalist. “New world order…ha!”

The Clintons – losers. Winners now, but major losers for the American people. He was out boffing other women while his power-hungry wife was out boffing the country. Politcally Correct and selling us out to communist China.

John McCain – loser. He did everything he could to lose his election to the presidency. He also signed a bill that bypasses due process and allows the government to seize you for an indefinite period for no reason.

Mitt Romney – loser. He ran the worst campaign throwing Obama a second term. It was a set-up.

John Boehner – loser. He even cries a lot like a big baby. This guy should be kicked out of office for treasonous acts. This low-life scumbag is purging the conservative voices from his own party and doing other bad things.

The Republican Party – losers. They cannot win elections, instead they punt. Do I hear a whig calling from beyond the political grave?


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