Sansone Slithers Into Comfort.

Well it appears that new co-hostess Maria Sansone has become acclamated with her new spot as co-host on Good Day L.A. I actually like her. I know there are those detractors out there who don’t, but honestly, she is everything that the former “WHORE” who occupied that seat could and will never be, no matters how many kids she has or guys she marries. The reason for this is because Maria displays a good amount of class and simplicity. While debative, she doesn’t often try to cut off Steve as the main host on the show, something the other one was incapable of ever doing.

As for Julie Chang…Well I better dare not say anything negative. I know she is a newscorp heavyweight in the case of employment and she is in L.A. probably because of Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s suggestion, at least I suspect that. What I will say to her is please back it down on sex talk. Dorothy Lucey did it so much, the L.A. public viewers are completely burned out on the topic. Julie, take that as a good hint!

For the GDLA Ent. spot, my preference was Lisa Breck number one, in fact I was greatly disappointed she isn’t there. Lauren Sivan would have been the best Jillian replacement in my humble opinion or Gina Silva. I have always advocated promoting from within.

And finally, I don’t know why, but Araksya on the morning news reminds me of this.



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