John Boner’s Hardon for his own party and Americans.

Boner, you know this guy maybe better as the crybaby.

Prune Crapped Face

Think of this guy as appearing here as a piece of prune crap.


John Boehner

Anyhow one must wonder if the communists got this guy installed and have taken over portions of the Republican Party to scuttle it. This political party which relies on the votes of right wing conservatives have begun purging them from its ranks big time or at least on commissions of power. Further, Boner has made every attempt to be secretive and deal from a weak hand, giving away every single issue. He acts like he is in cahoots with Obama on the issues. I mean, am I the only one who wonders if communists have not fully compromised the Republican Party? It’s either that or they really are a party of fat old lazy white men who are for the very wealthy globalists. If you doubt me just look at who has been around here lately. John McChipmunk from Arizona or his buddy known as Dubya, a guy who was face down in his own vomit a decade before he helped usher in communism and wreck the country. In the end, Bush admitted he was acting socialistic, now we got a full Marxist or worse in the whitehouse.

So my big question, who is running the Republican Party? Why are they allowing it to be killed and what is their reason for killing it as fast as possible? Feel like you want to weigh in, great.


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