Beef Steak Tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes can be fun and rewarding and considering how much the supermarkets charge these days, money saving as well 😉

Tomatoes have a tap root, which means they like to be settled somewhere. Most varieties can be grown in a decent sized pot. Remember the plant will produce bigger quantities on a big plant in a bigger pot. Put em in the ground and you can get even more.

Tomatoes requite lots of daily watering. Miss just two days and kiss good bye the plants growth as it begins drying up. The great news is that with a little water you can fill it up rather quickly. Besides water, I use the Greenall brand of tomato vegetable food by eg stone and co. Remember that besides being water hungry, tomatoes also are major feeders. The more vegetable fertilizer you use the more tomatoes you will get.

They say a spider is a gardener’s best friend and nothing rings truer than that old slogan.

You most likely will find a spider web near your plant. Consider yourself blessed. Because spider eat bad bugs. That means that when you put on gloves to get your veggies and avoid a spider bite, your vegetable will most likely be in great shape.


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