I think a majority of the Democrats and RINO Republicans should form a new party called the Banocrats! What about your thoughts?

Here is what they want to ban, ready.

Football, Cars, powerboats, refrigerators, flush toilets, PVC Sprinkler pipes, grocery shopping bags both plastic and paper, the original light bulbs, two stroke motors (you know the ones, they make a buzz saw sound) just think McCullough 😉 Beef and hamburgers (except for the Obama’s—Michelle needs her fix you know), cigarettes and smoking, bikes that use green technology and can travel faster than 20MPH, alcoholic beverages, reduced free speech, gun ownership of all kinds, think I am joking, just listen to this communist asshole schpeiling the Manifesto crap…

They also banned Bowie knifes in most places. No blade larger than 3 inches. Roller skating on sidewalks, limits on soda sizes and the list goes on and on and on, so why not just call it a party of Banning and free speech like my blogs here? Oh wait, they want limited (one-sided) free speech too.

Sounds dreary right? Well not to fret. Remember the old saying. “If you can’t beat em, join em.” And here is what to do. Get the anti-ban party going and start banning all of these evil people. Ban them by voting them (while you still can) out of office on the back of a defunct SP Railroad car. Because if you keep them, they will eventually tax and ban you for breathing, and nobody can exist without fresh air.


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