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The Public Fights Hollywood communists.

It seems the public is beginning to fight back against the communist media in the United States. Meanwhile the federal government is making rapid plans to take away the second amendment and also to silence youtube posts such as these posted below that challenge the very hypocrites in Hollywood and the ever worsening news media outlets around the United States. After the recent school massacre, the communists in Hollywood banded together to start pushing for you to be punished and stripped of your second amendment rights. Here is the facts presented by the American Public that was given those inalienable rights.

And how does some of the public feel about these Hollywood entertainers?

CFCJesterFool 17 seconds ago

While I agree with the sentiments of this video (good job btw), I have a better plan…execute these traitors to the Constitution of the United States…the penalty for treason is death. The Second Amendment is quite clear, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

MunchmaQucci420 1 minute ago

Rich f–king assholes. The only thing that kills a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

ouzorat 1 minute ago

Funny…. And they wonder why we pirate their movies!!!

TheZenoEffect 1 minute ago

Sometimes hypocrisy is better expressed w/ a visual aid,

Great Job!

F–K HOLLYWOOD & all the Hypocrite ‘Liberals’ who slither there…

SuicidePandemic 2 minutes ago

what a bunch of f–ktards…… if only they realized that people should have all the right to defend themselves however we so choose, not take our main source of protection away from our families…… celebs, tell your security guard to put his gun away, its dangerous you know?

SlightInsanity 2 minutes ago

Glorifying gun violence instead of proper treatment of a gun is okay, its pretend. Lets give up all control to the government, because that always worked in the past.

And there you have it folks. American citizens in bulk hate rather loathe the media especially the main news networks ABC, CBS and NBC as well as Hollywood as a whole.


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Now let us talk religion. If there are liberal Jews like for instant from the state of Virginia in the United States they can effectively be called VAJINOS. That is VA. Jews In Name Only. These are liberals who say they are Jews but hate America, Israel, other Jews and Christians. These scumbags are the real carpetbaggers and for those who say this is racist, guess what…tada, I am a JEW, got it!

These Jews like to have a business, work, cars, family, in essence they love the capitalistic dream but like all hypocrites vote for communism and communists. Did you know that commies love to live big while making slaves of everyone else. No really. Let me tell you how commies really live.

They get a mansion, high end car, a jet, a big boat lotsa cash in gold and you get to be their servant. Think of it like the old South with the plantation owner and the rest being slaves. You’re the slave. When the time comes, these JINOS will shed their Jewishness, act like the very schmucks they are and then thrive as the plantation owners. By the way this applies to BINOS, those are “Blacks In Name Only” afterall we have had RINOS so why not these groups of people. If a black man or woman is conservative or pro-American they are an Aunt Jemima or an Uncle Tom, but if they are left leaning well now you can call them a BINO. The Jews who are conservative well they are the Blue People, but if you are left leaning, now you can call them what they are. Jews In Name Only or JINO and if they are from Virginia, well have fun.


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GDLA Holiday Fun Rolling Dice.

So today, Andrew Dice Clay visited GDLA. He has a new cursing show. Co-anchoring was Lauren Sivan and boy oh boy did Steve Edwards seem irritated, cutting her short several times. Then Julie Chang and Lauren got into it and it seemed possible it would get completely out of hand. Other then some gossip and not much at that, GDLA struggled on as a mere extension of the early morning news through mid morning. A strategy that I am afraid, will not hold viewers that are disappearing, nor be what it could be.

This then is a bad strategy. While GDLA has been cut to the bone, it is not what it used to be. Granted the former two co-hostesses


Both deserved to be gone, what GDLA has become is just reading the news, using an entertainer show host to do it. It seems that KTTV’s management decided to go for the cheap. Whereas, Good Day L.A. could have been a full blown entertainment venue attracting and holding viewers for two hours, packed with a lot on a schedule. The execs went for cheap and now you get 5 yes count them 5 hours of news every morning. Now who watches the news for three hours in a row let alone 5? The answer is nobody. Did I shock you? Good! Because the execs at KTTV are delusional if they think they are advancing viewership with what they are doing now. Rupert Murdoch once claimed he entrusts the people he hires to do good by him. I can tell you, they are not. In fact they have seen viewers driven away. Where there used to be three hours of viewers, ain’t happening any more. Nobody guys and gals at KTTV is going to sit and listen to the same news cast for almost five hours. People will get the weather, maybe traffic, a few minutes and then get on with other things in their lives. Maybe they will watch an interview, but I can most assure you, the TV viewer is gone after that. They are not going to stick around to watch Julie Chang being wacky. They get tired it seems of Maria Sansone, and they read a face of a tired host who has witnessed all sorts of stupid changes.

BTW, Araksya doesn’t do it for me. Jean did, because she was the news anchor. KTTV execs kicking her out of the news sent a great majority of viewers to rival KTLA, something worth noting. Sorry Araksya nothing personal, just the way it is honey! You don’t work well as the co-anchor alongside Tony. That is of course my own opinion and it stands as I see fit.

So, after the diceman and some wrangling between two co-anchors on GDLA who two years ago were at GDNY and now here, I turned the channel off, poured more hot coffee and then read the paper before getting on to other venues to deal with.

Now for those that want to see what the diceman is really like, well a cleaned up version imitation enjoy this…from a loser comedienne who got his CaRear banned.

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DIEanne NotSoFeinstein to shove a gun bill up yours.

California’s political old hag Dianne Feinstein is sponsoring an anti- second amendment bill to  get this.

Adds hundreds of guns to be banned. Requires you to become fingerprinted if you own a firearm.

Requires registration of the type of gun you own, the address where it is kept and its serial number.

This is of course as most know what happened in Nazi Germany. Obama said in 2008, well here, listen to what he said.

Do you get it yet? No, okay. DIEanne Feinstein is a totalitarian hypocrite of the criminal order. She has broken the law many times and now seeks to destroy the constitution. So who will come for your firearms?

Well, if the installed dictator has any say, this is what will happen.

and what does this lead to?

Thank you DIEanne Feinstein for furthering this country toward being AmeriKa!

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2013…Bend over and take it.

That’s right. If you love the constitution, believe in closed borders, one language, marriage between a man and a woman, no affirmative action (racism sexism), whites being consistently  beaten down and every bad law passed, an economy where jobs are plentiful, normal health insurance, owning a home a car and enjoying family. Celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah, then blame the guy immediately below this, and then put even more blame on the guy below him, and more blame on the guy below him, and finally see where you are going in 2013.

and here is where the AmeriKan voters are going for electing Socialists, Rinos and Communists…

Happy 2013 New Year America.

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Work like this.

During the holiday season of 2012, Jeffrey Imelt, the CEO of General Electric whose company earned 5 billion dollars in profits while he wants the wealthy taxed, yet G.E. paid not one dollar of tax. In addition this CEO is Obama’s Job Czar and yet has been exporting American jobs abroad, some czar huh.

A photo of Jeffrey Imelt…a big piece of CRAP!

So this piece of crap goes to China then comes back amazed at their system, how it works (slave labor) and this anti-American communist scumbag of the lowest excrement order, whose company make crap products that break a day after warranty has the unmittigated gaul of telling our government they should be like communist China with slave labor thrown in, cause this guy who should be tried for high treason and then hung as far as I am concerned wants you to be like these people in China. Here read the link below, and then we will continue in this blog posting.

So a woman opens a box and gets in her China made Halloween decorations box a letter that is a plea from people who are labor slaves…just what the piece of crap above wants you to become. Now here is that link, okay, read it through and below that a copy of the letter from China. Read it and read it good, very good, because this is what they want you to become.

And now what people that work in the system Jeffrey Imelt loves are going through and what Imelt wants you to become.

Merry Christmas!

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“Gun Owners Against Sports Cars”

That’s right, let us discuss automobiles that are sporty in any way killing more people than guns do. Have you followed a drunk driver lately?

1990 thru 2012

Gun deaths round out at 30,000 in America.

Motor Vehicle deaths rounded out at 45,000. Tell that to every ahole that complains about guns. Start by banning sports cars. Wanna hear libs scream when their Toyota, Honda and Porsches get taken away, then start by banning the number one killer and while we are at it, ban every alcoholic beverage. They tried that back in the 1930’s. Ban cell phones, ban joints, ban radios in cars and ban the radio stations that broadcast to them. Ban commercial advertisers who broadcast on radio stations that are listened to in cars and ban their employees as conspirators to making you crash to kill people.

Ban windshield wipers, because those things going back and forth and back and forth can distract you. Ban advertising bill boards along all roadways in the USA. Ban fast food restaurants and in fact ban all tall gas station signs, they distract too. Ban women who look too nice and ban jerks who stare at the women from their cars, because they don’t deserve anything, especially driving.

Ban coffee, ban sweeteners, ban sugar for the coffee, ban creamer and ban coffee places or any place that serves coffee, because it wires drivers too much.

Ban tire companies like you want to ban bullets for guns, after all, a standard road car, especially a sports car cannot travel without tires. Ban gasoline. Ever see those warning labels that gasoline causes cancer at the pump. Ban car mechanics, instead let them make donuts for a living…oh wait, ban donut shops, cause those attract drivers…sorry Mama’s 😮

Ban toll roads, after all, why have a toll road if you ban cars, and finally, ban every crooked politician there is. If you ban every political dumbass that proposes bans on your life and safety, you won’t have bans in the first place 😀


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