Holiday Stocking Stuffers To Watch

My 2012 🙂 holiday picks of flicks on DVD to definitely heat popcorn for.

If you want action then the Stallone films Expendable Series are the way to go. So good are these for action you can watch them multiple times.

And the Expendables 2 just released several days ago from this posting.

For those who really want an old holiday favorite treat from times past, I recall two stories for the heartwarming holidays. The first is the Hans Brinker Silver Skates, based on a true story and a winter classic to boot. It takes place in the 1830’s Holland, a far more civilized country of tradition than the sewer there of today.

My second pic is also a great classic I grew up with, the original “Oliver”…about a sheltered boy in England of the 1800’s. Again, a more civilized era.

My bonus holiday pick for the evening is also a classic and one I love to watch in the autumn while eating pumpkin pie by the slice.

An American classic by fellow American author Irving Washington. Definitely not a holiday flick for the kids though.

Movies for laughs, lets add these too. I don’t think I have had a better time enjoying these so here are some funny flicks to enjoy.

This film set in communist Soviet Union details a glimpse inside the newly conquered communized country and has many funny moments. I think actually watching a moment of it will illustrate this madness, but rest assured you will be laughing quite hard from this. One person I know even pooped in their pants, they were laughing so hard.

My next funny pick is with an old favorite Alan Arkin. He speaks fluent Russian in “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming” Here, watch this.

and finally for a comedy TV series I recommend great laughs from America’s Heartland.

and my favorite Mr. Kimble.

This guy so reminds me of many of today’s government workers 😀


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