And now for an old favorite!

One of my favorite actors was…

Larry Hagman especially as JR Ewing. One of my all time favorite characters and I’ll tell you why. Because while he was portrayed as a bad guy all the time, scheming, evil, disloyal, JR Ewing actually wasn’t really the bad guy. Rather he was surrounded by people who tried to manipulate him for their own gains and ended up getting pawned. While everyone was miserable, he just had that big bold pussy-faced grin, even when things were going bad for JR Ewing, and he never quit either. Shewed, he managed to mostly come out on top. If but for his younger brother, Playboy Bobby Ewing, a guy who often punched and assaulted his older brother and schemed to fight him consistently or undercut him, you would find me often routing for JR.

JR ushered in the business world atmosphere of the 1980’s. It was a fascinating decade as well and we had a great president back then. What JR Ewing represented often was an American businessman doing business. I remember when every Friday night that dial swung over to CBS at 9pm and then we got this.

Perhaps one of the greatest openings of a great series, it was America at its best and nothing could have been more American in many aspects then the character of JR Ewing and the man that brought that character to life was the late Larry Hagman. Yes, he played other characters and the 1960’s tv series with co-star Barbara Eden will also be noted, but the bigger than life JR Ewing character will stand the test of time for a very long time and drag its actor Larry Hagman along.

RIP Larry Hagman/JR Ewing/Major Anthony Nelson, you will be missed greatly by one of your most loyal viewers and fan through the decades.

and who can forget this…

and finally I will just ask you to watch this. It was a culmination of things in an ironic way in 1991.


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