Reflections on Millionaires.

They all or many of them wanted it who are millionaires and billionaires. So now, it is time for the losing party to take a giant step backwards and let those who wanted it the most, be the first to pay. Higher taxes that is and who should we start with. I’ll spit out a few names who should step up and start paying higher taxes of their money to President Obama and the Government.

1.) Beyonce. This Hollyslut was a big supporter for higher taxes, so she should pay with no problems at all. I am sure she is used to putting out, in more ways than one. Just ask Obama 😉

2.) Jay Leno. He has more cars then pinkies and all those million,s so Jay shouldn’t have any jokes as he pays out big tax monies. I mean, after all, paying half his fortune to the government should be worth a few laughs.

3.) Steven Spielberg, he wants people who are millionaires to pay, so why not do a good gesture every year and pay big tax bucks on your millions in profits and banked bucks Steven? I mean, since you love communists, might I suggest you donate your entire wealth to the federal government and then go live in a HUD apartment in West Hollywood.

4.) Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven’s partner at the studios. He hosted Obama and the Dems so surely he will have no issues paying a “LOT” more in higher taxation for his fair share. Might I suggest for Jeff that since he likes communism, that he makes his estate where he lives, available to downtown’s skidrow poor, after all, communist owned homes are the property of the people. Maybe Maria Gonzalez and her illegal immigrant kids, (all 6 of them) and her drunken machete wielding husband from Chihuahua can occupy some of your estate rooms, after all, isn’t communism grand. And what better way then for a wealthy hypocrite putz like you to enjoy payback from your communist country.

5.) Barbara Streisand, always pro for the little people and loaded with millions to pay higher taxes. I would suggest she give 75 percent of her wealth to the dental associations in America. That way, she can sign up under Obamacare for jaw and mouth work knowing she did her big communist contribution, since all she is good at doing lately is shooting off her communist big mouth.

6.) Ed Assner, an open communist. Now here is a guy who should be living in a hud apartment and donating every dime to the feds. Unfortunately in the older America he has had it both ways. Perhaps now with a real communist DICK-tater in the white house, his dreams will come true.

7.) Madonna. She said she would take it off if Obama won. Instead, take it out—the wallet that is and pay higher taxes on your millions hun! No one wants to see you naked as they already see you as a naked communist has-been. Instead fork over the moolah to the government and then you can be fiscally naked which is much better.

8.) Speaking of gracious people, Sean Penn. He lives in that big Marin County mansion and loves communism. Sean should be able to fork over half of his bucks to pay the taxes for the rich. I mean, any guy who goes to Haiti to help out instead of American cities can make some financial amends, right?

9.) Nancy Pelosi. She should get them swinging so she can belt out her taxes and pay her fair share and while we are talking political people here, lets add the

10.) Clintons. That’s right, worth millions, they have lotsa moolah to pay out. You have the communist wife who of course, loves it while her communist husband is out and about with any skirt. The reason these two political whores of the lowest order go and act like this is because they converted from trailer trash to communist trash elites. But again, how about they tow the party line and fork over all of their wealth to the government and the people.

11.) What about Oprah? Yes that woman with her own network. Blacks complain about poverty, what about one of the wealthies women in the world who is black? What about her “lovin'” Obama a lot more perhaps then meets the eye? Time for her to shell out major big tax bucks and speaking of hosts on talk shows.

12.) Barbara Walters. As long as her ticker and yapper is still flapping, she has millions, how about it ol’ woman. Think you can pay higher taxes as well. Like 50% of everything you own.

13.) George Clooney. Now everyone likes George, right? Well those that watch him pay much higher taxes should love the guy, after all, he was as close as close can be to Obama, so I am sure George will pay his fair share.

14.) Alex Baldwin. This guy has millions and lotsa energy. He has enough energy to reach into his banking account twice and double tax himself for the good of the party and country. I mean, anyone who can badmouth a kid in a threatening manner should feel good about being a commie.

15.) G.E., isn’t it time they start paying their fair share of corporate taxes? In fact this company of all the companies in the USA has put so many more people out of work in America it should pay a special taxation, as well as its board member Jeffrey Imelt. That is because jeffrey loves commies, in fact he even acts like one, so I am sure he would give all of his money and property back to the government so he can say he is a true communist at heart and soul!

16.) Then there are people on Wall Street like the Soros. George loves paying taxes especially for social programs. For everything he has pushed for, manipulated and gained at the hurt of others I think a 100% tax on his wealth would be fair. How bout it Dems in power. Make George happy and give him a 100% taxation. Then he’ll feel like a real communist.

In fact before I taxed anyone else, I would set an example and tax every Democratic Millionaire and especially Billionaire that voted for the taxes and I would tax them up their asses. No more tax loop holes or parlor trick favors in the Beltway or anywhere else. Start with the media and the the rest of them. Let they who preach, be the first to practice. Like my little quote? Great! I would love to see all of these elitists be the first to give the federal government at least half of what they own and if they are billionaires I think they should give 90 percent. I mean if this is what they wanted for everyone else, include them too. Everyone must eat shoe leather sometime and the libtards-commies should be the first.


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