My friends, my friends, have I got a lot of chipmunk crap to sell you.

John McShame

Ooops I guess that is the nicer image, get a load of this warn out political fart! See any resemblance? The one on top looks much better.

Chipmunk with a Goiter!

So John McShame whose own daughter is as radical left as they come is at it again. First he threw the election in 2008 to help get communism into power. That is right, McCain threw the 2008 election. Then he begins signing anti-freedom bills like for example, the December 2011 bill that lets the government henchmen come to your home and take you away into the night. And you’d think this guy would stop yapping himself into a bigger hole than he already is. He gave Romney an endorsement which is either the kiss-of-death for any conservative wannabe candidate or a sign that communism would win. 😉 I think it was the latter.

Now, this piece of chipmunk excrement wants to start the taxes going, in fact he couldn’t get them going fast enough in agreement with Obama.

TAX WHAT? TAX WHO? G.E. who brings bad things to life and market, or perhaps that ugly skank Madonna and her ex beau Sean Schmuck who thinks commie dictators are fine. Really, then there is John McCain’s daughter who hates America as it was founded. Do you think her daddy can arrange for her to get a vacation in Somalia or North Korea for a few years. Betcha, that would be a game changer.

I have to wonder what they did to this old fool in captivity. No seriously. He has done some major damage to freedom in this country or has majorly outright contributed to the destruction of the US from within. I honestly must question if he was hypnotized by Charlie and then sent packing only to become a commie drone at a later time like 2008 onward. Remember that like Islamofascists, communists, I mean real Bolshevik types will wait and lay low until they can establish their system and it appears at least from this one perspective that John McCain may well have been a commie drone sent back to be awakened at a latter time. It is the only truly plausible explanation I could find. Disagree with this theory and say he is stupid or senile, great, feel free to weigh in.


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