So what am I doing?

Well, getting back to writing novels. There will be a few things different though. It won’t say “Made in America with Pride!” Because there is no America anymore.

I won’t necessarily be writing about Americans of today or the future. Because there is no American’s and there is no future America. Oh yeah, I’ll author work but America won’t be there anymore, not with the elections that just occurred and to all of you Republicans and those who would have voted. You won’t get fair elections anymore.

America is now a part of the past, thrown by stupid people, perhaps the dumbest in history, onto the ash heap of history. A country that gave more to more people around the globe has been given, lock stock and barrel to Communists and Arab terrorists, sold out by the fat Washington Pigs, faster then they can squirt a crap in a DC toilet. FLUSH!!!

That’s okay, the ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIENS are here taking whatever they can, the ARAB TERRORISTS are here taking your religious freedoms, the COMMIES are here taking everything, so why and what to write about America, Americans, there is nothing.

Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neitherBenjamin Franklin

For those of you who did vote for America, with your heart and did want America, it will still be here sort of, but buried under this tyranny. Freedom is never free, but I say to you, God Bless You for doing the right thing.


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