E-Bicycle Crap

So there is this firm in Chatsworth California and they make what Lauren Sanchez loves, her izip custom bike. They also make the cheaper ezip. Now from my dealings going out there, I have found them somewhat hostile. The girl on the phone was nice, mind you to me, but this big black woman put her hands on her sides and was just plain vicious.

The problem with the Currie system is numerous, too numerous to discuss, but here is my adventure with the Men’s Ezip Trailz.


Ezip Men’s Diamond Frame Trailz by Currie.

First off, the quality of what is built won’t last more than a few years. The lead acid battery weighs in at over 18 pounds and two are 36 pounds. That is a tremendous amount of weight plus the rider on the back tire which is why the back tire wears out faster with two batts instead of one. The batteries being heavy bob up and down with every little road bump or worse on trails off-road. This can break the electrical connector in the battery mount rendering the system broken. The more bumps on the road, sidewalk or off-trail you get, the faster the condition can happen.

The battery life span is also about 6 months to a year and then you are looking at per battery pack about 140 dollars with shipping and tax give or take a few bucks. The system seems to be designed on the lead acid batteries to make sales for Currie, longer on their lithium batteries.

Then there are the front suspension forks. Mine started leaking oil after about two months of limited road usage. They still soak up bumps but not like they used to.
The 24volt motor on this machine also is not only very noisy, but uses older technology (as of this writing) brushes. These wear out after a year or two and the motor must be replaced, again almost a hundred bucks for new parts.

I have read elsewhere on the net that the wheels have a want to rust out early because of their quality. It has evidently happened more than once to folks. This bike is entry level to Ebikes and costs about 400 dollars though prices can be had lower elsewhere if you are at the right place at the right time. While new bikes are nice and feel good from the start in the long run you may regret having spent your hard earned cash unless you are as wealthy as Misses Sanchez is 😉 and then you can buy a rocket bike for God Sakes!!

My suggestion is if you are starting out, it would cost over a grand but last the longest. Get a decent quality Mountain Bike and then install a Papamotors kit on it. They sell complete kits and the install is quite straight forward. Considering you are half the price to a kit and there are many strong MTN. Bikes out there already, this would be the best route. It bypasses you buying something that gives less performance and over time makes up for much of the difference I just recommended. Here are some links to help you get started.

Papamotors recommends the Giant ATX bike but there are many others and oh, you can install their kits on many varying bikes like a beach cruiser for example, so you are not entirely limited, something to remember.

http://www.electric-bikekit.com/ <—Papa Motors


How easy is the Papamotors kit to install?

In the end, this is the best advice you will get from experience and the most honest as well. Telling it as it always is.


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