A Green Bi-Putz

Okay so California, one of the worst governed nightmares preaches green energy especially green transportation. So what if I told you, that you can get a bicycle that goes 35 mph and has a range per charge of nearly 30 miles. Wow you would say. Want to watch a Colombian national with more rights than a Californian or really any American citizen in America. How about a Colombian national riding at 55 mph with an 80 mile range per charge. Doesn’t exist right? Three words to change that.

“Australian Stealth Bike”

If you ride that bike on a street in California, here is what you risk for using green energy as transportation. Any or all depending on your local police and state.

1.) You get ticketed.

2.) Your bike is confiscated by the government.

3.) You must pay a fine to the government.

4.) You might be arrested and do jail time.

If you live in other countries on the globe, you have transportation that is real green transportation. That is correct. You heard me right. If you are in the USA, the government will punish you. If you live in Colombia, you can have it as transportation.

California prides itself on being the best green place on Earth yet the state is so totalitarian it will shut-you-down fast for using a fast bike as transportation.

Maybe Heidi Cuda should do a news piece on this issue. In California, ebikes both gas and electric are very limited to a hobby more than as transportation. Let me cite a few more examples for you. Laws in the state and why they are stupid and who made them up, which I do not know.

Maximum riding speed for electric bikes is 20 mph. Maximum riding speed for a gas bike is 30 mph…WHY? Why can’t both bikes go at the same speed as both are bicycles right?

Then why does there have to be a speed limit to bicycles? A 12 speed and healthy rider can go just as fast pedaling. I have often been on the bike path and found that to be the case. My ezip maxed out and cyclists passing me with no effort at all, well above the electric bike speed limits. Should someone pedaling be limited to a certain speed? Posted speed limits.

Why can cars travel in excess of 100 mph even though the maximum speed limit in the entire country is 70mph, maybe a tad higher, and yet if you own a green electric bike you can not have it go beyond 20mph? Why limit how fast a bike can go? Has the government gone too far?

This is a legitimate news item and affects your freedom to ride a green bike like others on the world.


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