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Holiday Stocking Stuffers To Watch

My 2012 🙂 holiday picks of flicks on DVD to definitely heat popcorn for.

If you want action then the Stallone films Expendable Series are the way to go. So good are these for action you can watch them multiple times.

And the Expendables 2 just released several days ago from this posting.

For those who really want an old holiday favorite treat from times past, I recall two stories for the heartwarming holidays. The first is the Hans Brinker Silver Skates, based on a true story and a winter classic to boot. It takes place in the 1830’s Holland, a far more civilized country of tradition than the sewer there of today.

My second pic is also a great classic I grew up with, the original “Oliver”…about a sheltered boy in England of the 1800’s. Again, a more civilized era.

My bonus holiday pick for the evening is also a classic and one I love to watch in the autumn while eating pumpkin pie by the slice.

An American classic by fellow American author Irving Washington. Definitely not a holiday flick for the kids though.

Movies for laughs, lets add these too. I don’t think I have had a better time enjoying these so here are some funny flicks to enjoy.

This film set in communist Soviet Union details a glimpse inside the newly conquered communized country and has many funny moments. I think actually watching a moment of it will illustrate this madness, but rest assured you will be laughing quite hard from this. One person I know even pooped in their pants, they were laughing so hard.

My next funny pick is with an old favorite Alan Arkin. He speaks fluent Russian in “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming” Here, watch this.

and finally for a comedy TV series I recommend great laughs from America’s Heartland.

and my favorite Mr. Kimble.

This guy so reminds me of many of today’s government workers 😀


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And now for an old favorite!

One of my favorite actors was…

Larry Hagman especially as JR Ewing. One of my all time favorite characters and I’ll tell you why. Because while he was portrayed as a bad guy all the time, scheming, evil, disloyal, JR Ewing actually wasn’t really the bad guy. Rather he was surrounded by people who tried to manipulate him for their own gains and ended up getting pawned. While everyone was miserable, he just had that big bold pussy-faced grin, even when things were going bad for JR Ewing, and he never quit either. Shewed, he managed to mostly come out on top. If but for his younger brother, Playboy Bobby Ewing, a guy who often punched and assaulted his older brother and schemed to fight him consistently or undercut him, you would find me often routing for JR.

JR ushered in the business world atmosphere of the 1980’s. It was a fascinating decade as well and we had a great president back then. What JR Ewing represented often was an American businessman doing business. I remember when every Friday night that dial swung over to CBS at 9pm and then we got this.

Perhaps one of the greatest openings of a great series, it was America at its best and nothing could have been more American in many aspects then the character of JR Ewing and the man that brought that character to life was the late Larry Hagman. Yes, he played other characters and the 1960’s tv series with co-star Barbara Eden will also be noted, but the bigger than life JR Ewing character will stand the test of time for a very long time and drag its actor Larry Hagman along.

RIP Larry Hagman/JR Ewing/Major Anthony Nelson, you will be missed greatly by one of your most loyal viewers and fan through the decades.

and who can forget this…

and finally I will just ask you to watch this. It was a culmination of things in an ironic way in 1991.

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ABC Daytime

Continues to tank. The fatty show is long gone and the Chew which replaced long running All My Children continues on life support, but without holding viewers on a consistent basis.

I remember 1970 and All My Children. I remember being at a baby sitters home in 1970 actually a child sitter. She was an older woman with a silver spoon collection in plaques on her walls. Honestly, yes they were real silver spoons some from the late 1800’s and probably worth a mint back then. It was about 12PM midday when I heard this song from the other room.

I instantly recognized it and asked the woman if she watched it and she said she was glued to it daily. Despite that the Nielsen Ratings can and have been proved to be at times a grossly inaccurate system, generations came and went and still watched this. There is a reason. When you listen to that theme song and then the stories, plots, subplots, juicy little details, it kept viewers interests. In a sense, the killing of this soap and One Life to Live by Executive Brian Frons not only illustrated how one guy can wreck something for millions to enjoy and something quite dear, but the art of how he went about it.

These soaps didn’t just drop like rocks in the ratings, it had to be carefully planned and orchestrated and that is how it was done. The stories while at times flat, with the older writers still worked quite well. What Frons and his buddies did was install new head writers to tank the stories and help bring the ratings down. It is a diabolical act and one that ignored a long and loved history by many fans. As people watched the shows go down, they watched somewhat less. Eventually as the ratings showed lower, it gave Brian the excuse he needed to help kill the soaps and install cheap crap. He did this to show his ABC bosses how he could save them some bucks and it did in the very short run.

BF = Brian Frons

In the mid run though, the damage and fallout were more than they expected. ABC lost viewers, in fact the tradeoff for the replacement shows was quite a hostile crowd that vowed to make sure ABC was not being viewed midday. Not only did they not watch, but went out of their way not to watch ABC and told others as well. Then as the midrun continued the fat show that replaced OLTL got canned. People didn’t need a weight loss cheap piece of crap to watch. It was a waste of their valuable time and electrical bill too, not to mention their TV set’s lifespan.

With ABC “The Chew” has sort of meandered along but continues very weak. In return where ABC once proudly boasted “ABC DAYTIME” that they had a lock on, they now had to scramble for what viewers they could get and it went downhill from there.

In the long run, while the AMC and OLTL casts and production have moved on to elsewhere, the viewers too. ABC loses and loses bigtime. Where they once had millions of steady viewers locked in daily, they no longer have that. What they have is cheap crap on the tubes and a non-loyal, non-locked viewership that is a revolving door. People might watch a few shows but that is about as good as it gets. Ratings remain low, advertisers can pay cheaper rates for that market spot and the magic and mantra that once boasted “ABC DAYTIME” most likely will never be a boon to that network again.

The sad thing here is all the magic that One Life To Live and All My Children brought to millions perhaps hundreds of millions during the decades they ran, all killed off by one man intent on shutting them down. It did not matter the damage that would occur, or that was propagated by this Encino Executive named Brian Frons, nor how he had others do the work necessary to kill the soaps. It didn’t matter that ABC in its shortsighted stance on business was killing institutions and disenfranchising viewers. Or that the stories were sabotaged over time to bring the soaps down. Bad business, you bet, will it ever come around again? No, not in my lifetime or probably yours.

I personally wanted to thank Misses Agnes Nixon for the decades of hard work. It really brought happiness to all of our lives, thank you Misses Nixon.

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My friends, my friends, have I got a lot of chipmunk crap to sell you.

John McShame

Ooops I guess that is the nicer image, get a load of this warn out political fart! See any resemblance? The one on top looks much better.

Chipmunk with a Goiter!

So John McShame whose own daughter is as radical left as they come is at it again. First he threw the election in 2008 to help get communism into power. That is right, McCain threw the 2008 election. Then he begins signing anti-freedom bills like for example, the December 2011 bill that lets the government henchmen come to your home and take you away into the night. And you’d think this guy would stop yapping himself into a bigger hole than he already is. He gave Romney an endorsement which is either the kiss-of-death for any conservative wannabe candidate or a sign that communism would win. 😉 I think it was the latter.

Now, this piece of chipmunk excrement wants to start the taxes going, in fact he couldn’t get them going fast enough in agreement with Obama.

TAX WHAT? TAX WHO? G.E. who brings bad things to life and market, or perhaps that ugly skank Madonna and her ex beau Sean Schmuck who thinks commie dictators are fine. Really, then there is John McCain’s daughter who hates America as it was founded. Do you think her daddy can arrange for her to get a vacation in Somalia or North Korea for a few years. Betcha, that would be a game changer.

I have to wonder what they did to this old fool in captivity. No seriously. He has done some major damage to freedom in this country or has majorly outright contributed to the destruction of the US from within. I honestly must question if he was hypnotized by Charlie and then sent packing only to become a commie drone at a later time like 2008 onward. Remember that like Islamofascists, communists, I mean real Bolshevik types will wait and lay low until they can establish their system and it appears at least from this one perspective that John McCain may well have been a commie drone sent back to be awakened at a latter time. It is the only truly plausible explanation I could find. Disagree with this theory and say he is stupid or senile, great, feel free to weigh in.

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Reflections on Millionaires.

They all or many of them wanted it who are millionaires and billionaires. So now, it is time for the losing party to take a giant step backwards and let those who wanted it the most, be the first to pay. Higher taxes that is and who should we start with. I’ll spit out a few names who should step up and start paying higher taxes of their money to President Obama and the Government.

1.) Beyonce. This Hollyslut was a big supporter for higher taxes, so she should pay with no problems at all. I am sure she is used to putting out, in more ways than one. Just ask Obama 😉

2.) Jay Leno. He has more cars then pinkies and all those million,s so Jay shouldn’t have any jokes as he pays out big tax monies. I mean, after all, paying half his fortune to the government should be worth a few laughs.

3.) Steven Spielberg, he wants people who are millionaires to pay, so why not do a good gesture every year and pay big tax bucks on your millions in profits and banked bucks Steven? I mean, since you love communists, might I suggest you donate your entire wealth to the federal government and then go live in a HUD apartment in West Hollywood.

4.) Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven’s partner at the studios. He hosted Obama and the Dems so surely he will have no issues paying a “LOT” more in higher taxation for his fair share. Might I suggest for Jeff that since he likes communism, that he makes his estate where he lives, available to downtown’s skidrow poor, after all, communist owned homes are the property of the people. Maybe Maria Gonzalez and her illegal immigrant kids, (all 6 of them) and her drunken machete wielding husband from Chihuahua can occupy some of your estate rooms, after all, isn’t communism grand. And what better way then for a wealthy hypocrite putz like you to enjoy payback from your communist country.

5.) Barbara Streisand, always pro for the little people and loaded with millions to pay higher taxes. I would suggest she give 75 percent of her wealth to the dental associations in America. That way, she can sign up under Obamacare for jaw and mouth work knowing she did her big communist contribution, since all she is good at doing lately is shooting off her communist big mouth.

6.) Ed Assner, an open communist. Now here is a guy who should be living in a hud apartment and donating every dime to the feds. Unfortunately in the older America he has had it both ways. Perhaps now with a real communist DICK-tater in the white house, his dreams will come true.

7.) Madonna. She said she would take it off if Obama won. Instead, take it out—the wallet that is and pay higher taxes on your millions hun! No one wants to see you naked as they already see you as a naked communist has-been. Instead fork over the moolah to the government and then you can be fiscally naked which is much better.

8.) Speaking of gracious people, Sean Penn. He lives in that big Marin County mansion and loves communism. Sean should be able to fork over half of his bucks to pay the taxes for the rich. I mean, any guy who goes to Haiti to help out instead of American cities can make some financial amends, right?

9.) Nancy Pelosi. She should get them swinging so she can belt out her taxes and pay her fair share and while we are talking political people here, lets add the

10.) Clintons. That’s right, worth millions, they have lotsa moolah to pay out. You have the communist wife who of course, loves it while her communist husband is out and about with any skirt. The reason these two political whores of the lowest order go and act like this is because they converted from trailer trash to communist trash elites. But again, how about they tow the party line and fork over all of their wealth to the government and the people.

11.) What about Oprah? Yes that woman with her own network. Blacks complain about poverty, what about one of the wealthies women in the world who is black? What about her “lovin'” Obama a lot more perhaps then meets the eye? Time for her to shell out major big tax bucks and speaking of hosts on talk shows.

12.) Barbara Walters. As long as her ticker and yapper is still flapping, she has millions, how about it ol’ woman. Think you can pay higher taxes as well. Like 50% of everything you own.

13.) George Clooney. Now everyone likes George, right? Well those that watch him pay much higher taxes should love the guy, after all, he was as close as close can be to Obama, so I am sure George will pay his fair share.

14.) Alex Baldwin. This guy has millions and lotsa energy. He has enough energy to reach into his banking account twice and double tax himself for the good of the party and country. I mean, anyone who can badmouth a kid in a threatening manner should feel good about being a commie.

15.) G.E., isn’t it time they start paying their fair share of corporate taxes? In fact this company of all the companies in the USA has put so many more people out of work in America it should pay a special taxation, as well as its board member Jeffrey Imelt. That is because jeffrey loves commies, in fact he even acts like one, so I am sure he would give all of his money and property back to the government so he can say he is a true communist at heart and soul!

16.) Then there are people on Wall Street like the Soros. George loves paying taxes especially for social programs. For everything he has pushed for, manipulated and gained at the hurt of others I think a 100% tax on his wealth would be fair. How bout it Dems in power. Make George happy and give him a 100% taxation. Then he’ll feel like a real communist.

In fact before I taxed anyone else, I would set an example and tax every Democratic Millionaire and especially Billionaire that voted for the taxes and I would tax them up their asses. No more tax loop holes or parlor trick favors in the Beltway or anywhere else. Start with the media and the the rest of them. Let they who preach, be the first to practice. Like my little quote? Great! I would love to see all of these elitists be the first to give the federal government at least half of what they own and if they are billionaires I think they should give 90 percent. I mean if this is what they wanted for everyone else, include them too. Everyone must eat shoe leather sometime and the libtards-commies should be the first.

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So what am I doing?

Well, getting back to writing novels. There will be a few things different though. It won’t say “Made in America with Pride!” Because there is no America anymore.

I won’t necessarily be writing about Americans of today or the future. Because there is no American’s and there is no future America. Oh yeah, I’ll author work but America won’t be there anymore, not with the elections that just occurred and to all of you Republicans and those who would have voted. You won’t get fair elections anymore.

America is now a part of the past, thrown by stupid people, perhaps the dumbest in history, onto the ash heap of history. A country that gave more to more people around the globe has been given, lock stock and barrel to Communists and Arab terrorists, sold out by the fat Washington Pigs, faster then they can squirt a crap in a DC toilet. FLUSH!!!

That’s okay, the ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIENS are here taking whatever they can, the ARAB TERRORISTS are here taking your religious freedoms, the COMMIES are here taking everything, so why and what to write about America, Americans, there is nothing.

Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neitherBenjamin Franklin

For those of you who did vote for America, with your heart and did want America, it will still be here sort of, but buried under this tyranny. Freedom is never free, but I say to you, God Bless You for doing the right thing.

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E-Bicycle Crap

So there is this firm in Chatsworth California and they make what Lauren Sanchez loves, her izip custom bike. They also make the cheaper ezip. Now from my dealings going out there, I have found them somewhat hostile. The girl on the phone was nice, mind you to me, but this big black woman put her hands on her sides and was just plain vicious.

The problem with the Currie system is numerous, too numerous to discuss, but here is my adventure with the Men’s Ezip Trailz.


Ezip Men’s Diamond Frame Trailz by Currie.

First off, the quality of what is built won’t last more than a few years. The lead acid battery weighs in at over 18 pounds and two are 36 pounds. That is a tremendous amount of weight plus the rider on the back tire which is why the back tire wears out faster with two batts instead of one. The batteries being heavy bob up and down with every little road bump or worse on trails off-road. This can break the electrical connector in the battery mount rendering the system broken. The more bumps on the road, sidewalk or off-trail you get, the faster the condition can happen.

The battery life span is also about 6 months to a year and then you are looking at per battery pack about 140 dollars with shipping and tax give or take a few bucks. The system seems to be designed on the lead acid batteries to make sales for Currie, longer on their lithium batteries.

Then there are the front suspension forks. Mine started leaking oil after about two months of limited road usage. They still soak up bumps but not like they used to.
The 24volt motor on this machine also is not only very noisy, but uses older technology (as of this writing) brushes. These wear out after a year or two and the motor must be replaced, again almost a hundred bucks for new parts.

I have read elsewhere on the net that the wheels have a want to rust out early because of their quality. It has evidently happened more than once to folks. This bike is entry level to Ebikes and costs about 400 dollars though prices can be had lower elsewhere if you are at the right place at the right time. While new bikes are nice and feel good from the start in the long run you may regret having spent your hard earned cash unless you are as wealthy as Misses Sanchez is 😉 and then you can buy a rocket bike for God Sakes!!

My suggestion is if you are starting out, it would cost over a grand but last the longest. Get a decent quality Mountain Bike and then install a Papamotors kit on it. They sell complete kits and the install is quite straight forward. Considering you are half the price to a kit and there are many strong MTN. Bikes out there already, this would be the best route. It bypasses you buying something that gives less performance and over time makes up for much of the difference I just recommended. Here are some links to help you get started.

Papamotors recommends the Giant ATX bike but there are many others and oh, you can install their kits on many varying bikes like a beach cruiser for example, so you are not entirely limited, something to remember. <—Papa Motors

How easy is the Papamotors kit to install?

In the end, this is the best advice you will get from experience and the most honest as well. Telling it as it always is.

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