I scream

Now let us get away from the conundrum and escape during this hot week. There is nothing better than this on a hot afternoon.

Or this

Or this

and this among many others…

Baskin Robbins has been a long time part of the SoCal landscape and a favorite of many. Its boutiques I remember growing up with in Reseda in 1964, enjoying a French Vanilla scoop or two. It was, and remains a specialized fav of ice cream eaters and a parlor many judge at the top of their cones. But where other ice cream brands have branched out, BR has remained and I might add successfully a boutique brand. Ben and Jerry’s, Haagandaz to mention but a few, Rite Aid’s gold medal award “Thrifty’s” brand of ice cream all available to buy in cartons, but at BR this is not really the case. They can make up a carton or sell you a big one which can be quite expensive, but nothing on a commercial mass scale.

Besides cones, BR also has had something else for sale that was always eye candy for me growing up, their custom ice cream cakes. While not the first to invent this concoction, their stuff is right their at the top, but again expensive. Take a peek at these beauties for consideration the next time you want to celebrate a party event.

Remember the old Banana Split?

It’s still alive and quite well, tastes so damned good too. Or these cold beauties.

And their Ice Cream Cakes, yes they all have Ice Cream in them.

Ever wonder what they did with their cake rolls?

Yes it’s a cake not a mug…

and finally for all the ladies out there, because the ladies always deserve sweet things 😀 (I had to say that or I’d get in big trouble here 😉 )

Yes, those 60’s summers were fun and who could have imagined all of this. If you want to find a BR near you, might I recommend on a hot day you check out their website for a boutique near you.



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