WB Screws Dallas Fans…twice!

Warner Bros. has begun to display a stupidity in marketing unlike anything every seen with a great product guffed by its own arrogance. You probably know of the new Dallas TV Series complete with the South Fork gang. Not in 1991, but rather 2012. It ran the first new season all summer and fall long and you would think they would have a DVD series for Americans to purchase. After all, what bigger TV series is made in American then or now other than Dallas. The new TV series on cable’s TNT has wrought major acclaim and cheers across the board on its come back. Something CBS might have considered reviving if they had any execs with half a brain. Unfortunately, I must tell you all, that WB’s marketing execs don’t have half a mind, in fact they don’t have even a quarter of a  mind.

Dallas, an American TV series will first be released on DVD before the Christmas holiday season to Europe and many countries except in the United States. Americans will have to wait until 2013…WHY? What about getting it out to Americans for Christmas sales? Wouldn’t retailers be able to use those sales for their American businesses? No to all of these. Okay, many people these days have Blu-Ray players rather than the old DVD format which incidentally Blu-Ray players can read. Well, guess what WB execs have decided. On this important, already botched, American discriminating release, no Blu-Ray market sales. It’s not important. Those who watched the series on TV in HD will be fuming to hear that the version they can purchase will not even be of HD quality.

Bad business or willfully sabotaging the series for Americans. Doesn’t make good business sense, in fact it does not make any sense at all. What makes sense even less the 27 scenes cut from the original first season of 2012. You would think they would have the full episodes including the option to watch them with the cut scenes in place on the extras DVD, right? No, instead you get quick clips, not even the option to view in this day and age the cut scenes as they would have been watched in the original episodes. Let us talk price. The WB is notorious for cramming as many episodes onto the cheapest DVD stamps they can buy and this will not be any different. After all, look how the last four season DVD’s of the original Dallas were treated. Few DVD’s as possible in tight cheap packages and the DVD stamp quality or blank quality as some may call it, was such that many DVD’s had defects before the consumer even played them.

When you summarize the horrible marketing and planning to bring Dallas to the public, it doesn’t have to be like this, but than again worse things have happened. The Dallas release date is January 13th 2013 when it could have been now thru Christmas time.


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