Vun Blahk PastIt

One day, a little old Jewish man was walking at 4th and Main street in New York. He was minding his own business, having traveled this route many times. Having lived in this neighborhood for decades it was his home and he knew it well. Dressed in Hisidic garb, he made his way along when a big black man confronted him. The man stopped the Jewish old guy and asked “Hey man, do you know where 5th and Main are?”

The little Jewish guy held his beard a moment, then snapped his fingers and in a Yiddish accent told the man an answer to his question. The accent didn’t help him much and a cop soon arrived and separated the angry blackman and now pummeled older Jewish man and got things calmed down. Now the younger black man was irate and for good reason.

The cop asked him why he was beating up the older Jewish man and he “Yo man, he called me a black bastard.”

Perturbed that he was witnessing racism on the part of the Jewish guy, the cop asked him if that is true. The Jewish man stood up barely and in a few minutes gathered himself from the beating. “He asked me where 5th and main ver and I told him vee are at 4th and main and he vuz, vun blahk pastit.”

It took a moment for this to set in and the cop relaxed. He turned to the still angry black man and said he meant you were “One block past 5th and Main.”


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