The Fahkowie Tribe

All of you are aware of the Fahkowie (fah-kow-ee) Indians from Florida right, how they got their tribe name? Anyhow I had learned about their history and how they originally arrived on the shores of America, particularly South Florida. Now this is a fascinating tale and not too long—so read on.

You’ve heard about the Fahkowie’s, anyhow, legend has it that they landed on the area north of Miami Florida and when they got to the land, they hiked inward. Oh there were the everglades, the swamps, the fields, and they came across gators and bears, even used them as a source for food and clothing. But, the main problem was they were in a new land and quite lost. Hiking for days, they were quite lost and one day they found a small hill, upon which the leader of the tribe stood upon. He looked in all directions and yet the sea was gone, the sun quite high and opening his arms he proclaimed “Where The Fahkowie!” and that is how the Florida Indian tribe got its name.


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