GDLA on the road to recovery.

Good Day L.A. execs made the right decision by canning the two aging co-hosts who were out of line. That is my opinion even though I know it will piss off others who know and like or love these two women. In Jillian’s case salary and contracts were way out of line during these declining times. In addition she was a character on TV that was liked by many and despised by an even greater many. She talked about her boobs, sex, her husband, more sex in fact she prided herself on being both a mother and a whore in her connotations that I can remember and it is for this reason she came to be greatly disliked by many who tuned in. But Jillian was not the catalyst, oh no.

The catalyst title falls to a slightly older woman named Dorothy who billed herself as a church mom and prided herself on that while acting like a “Raisin on Steroids,” at the very least and an old tramp on the other. During the final weeks she hysterically brought up sex almost every morning. Sex this and sex that and got her show’s cohosts onto the subject of sexualizing it. At one point, I remember Steve Edwards questioning her in a snide comment for being a church mom. Even he was amazed how sexualized Lucey’s tirades got, and it wasn’t only Steve. The public saw it as well. In fact Lucey made comments about children and sex at least twice during the final months. Imitating a so-called young teen making a comment while squeezing her non-existent cleavage together “My boobs are too small,” or referring to Jillian’s toddler daughter as a “Wet T-Shirt Contest” which were diabolical comments especially from someone hiding behind a church image and it got worse.

However, the underlying factor for GDLA’s slide is the major fact it needs definition which I have outlined in the past HERE that helps as a road map to getting it fixed before it gets nixed. This is where a critical decision by the FOX execs at KTTV, perhaps higher have to be established for without definition there can be no structure which is where the shows stands now and why it is failing as a venue. So there are as I mentioned before, two ways to go. Either this is a “NEWS” show extension to the early morning through late morning news or it is an “ENTERTAINMENT” format which divorces from the standard news format and requires a major reworking. So that is the decision. Right now, FOX KTTV has news from 4:30am in the morning essentially thru 10am with some wannabe entertainment mixes which does not work. The majority of viewers find it suits their needs for only a very short time and that’s it. If it is an extension of the news that means FOX runs news all morning long with viewers coming and going rapidly. If it is an entertainment venue, then there are several changes as I outlined in the link a few paragraphs above that explain the relationship, structure to the viewers between both Fox and them.

Once the production execs make a choice which way to go, they can thus restructure the show, organize it for their viewers. The alternative to doing nothing leaves a slow dying format that will eventually die out when it doesn’t really have to.


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