Where’s Jilly?

Well…tada, she’s gone from Good Day L.A. Following hot on the heels of Dorothy Looooooossssssseeeee, Jillian finally got a sort of we are weening you down “Heave Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho” and is no longer on that set. In a sense I love the fact Lisa Breckenridge is on entertainment. Lisa being there just seems a perfect move and Lisa is intertwined so much in the entertainment business that with her cute smile and angelic innocent personality, it just made perfect sense. So that leaves Jilly’s seat wide opened for a new co-anchor for Steve and here is who I continue to endorse. Tada… Lauren Sivan. Why you ask? Because she is besides pretty, a very smart and sharp woman. She delivers perfectly, in fact so perfect that I barely detect any flub ups. She is also a feisty young lady like yet seems to be able to hold her own when pushed…in other words she don’t take it from anyone.

If I were Steve Edwards, I would go for it, get Lisa Breck to stay ( uh Steve we know you got a thing for her, if only she can be  😉  coaxed next to you ) and having the young pretty and sometimes feisty Lauren Sivan is about as perfect as it gets. As for Maria from Pennsy, sorry but she just doesn’t do it for me as a viewer. I am not sure, but her appearance while she means well, seems to be perfectly honest in my blog…cardboard at best. If not Lauren Sivan, let me recommend Gina Silva, a great fav, smart, sexy and very GIGGLY. Not sure what it is, but when Gina giggles I have to admit it gets me giggling too. Then there is one of the most multi-talented resources in the other Lauren Sanchez. So FOX LA has three women who can easily fill the bill.

Now for Jillian, might I recommend you do the Playboy shoot you’ve been craving. Then a late night Extreme Dating type of show, or maybe a movie flick such as “Honey I blew the soldier [away],” would work 😉 yeah that might do it. There is of course Howard Stern’s show where you can trash-talk your former co-workers to your heart’s content, while be propositioned for sex since that is what you spent years talking about.

I suspect though that if you really get down to it, maybe, just maybe you will straighten up and fly right as a devoted wife, mother and someone who has matured. Then again, stranger things have happened. Good luck!



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4 responses to “Where’s Jilly?

  1. Uh not to Bravo. Jillian did or is doing a part in a movie, also she is going to be doing a show on the KTLA news in the mornings. An honest observation about former FOX KTTV people. The hasbeens always desperately end up as KTLA handouts. All I can say about this Ho is she will give KTLA viewers a present for the holidays…Ho-Ho-Ho!!! and I ain’t talking Santa Claus here.

  2. It appears that Jillian is going to Bravo TV and currently shooting. She is also said to be doing a rumored weight product commercial. Dorothy Lucey has been said to be more involved with rebuilding the Malibu church and doing more work there while slowing down a lot from tinseltown. Recently Lucey met with her charities which she has ramped up participation in or so it goes. Good luck to both of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jillian Reynolds does do something in adult entertainment, not so with Lucey though.

  3. myfoxmystere

    One word for Jillian: don’t do the Playboy thingy. Be an example for Ruby and Rocco.

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