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The hardest fruit to grow.

Everyone has their stories, right. This fruit and that fruit, outside temperatures, fungus, leaf eaters, leaf hoppers, beetles, moths, root rot disease and the list goes on and on. While Figs are easy to grow and they produce, even they have the shiny green wobbly fig beetles. Now those damned bastards always seem to run into me in the garden and buzz around my head and when they do get personal, they also get squished or stomped on. I don’t take crap from commie liberals and I certainly don’t take it from the green bastards, no matters whether they can fly or not.

One of the oldest garden sayings is a spider is a gardner’s best friend and that includes a black widow as well. Mainly they eat the other harmful insects so when I see a spider on one of my orchard trees, I leave them be. The only time I will get rid of a spider is if it’s near a door or inside the house and even then I like to get them in a slippery glass for the nearby outside bush.

Anyhow, let’s talk Apples. I find that in North America while apples will grow, they are such high maintenance and there are so many pests and diseases including the dreaded no-cure “Fire Blight,” not to mention coddling moth; that growing apples is quite difficult and aggravating. Commercial growers have of course many options on the table for their businesses, but for a small home orchard, there are many scary things going on that can cause lots of issues. From the first apple blossom to an actual apple is quite a long period of time. We are talking about 6 months and along this path, many obstacles lie. Thus, apples while a norm in the USA are also one of the most demanding crops to bear. I am including some videos here for you to watch and listen to.

And now the pests…

After watching the next video, you’ll never eat an apple quite as you did again :p

And a deadly disease called Fire Blight for which no cure currently exists except for heavy pruning and care.

and finally, getting back to those delicious apple varieties ๐Ÿ˜€


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Maria Sansone

Well, I have been asked my opinion on this young lady. I honestly have no qualms to speak of. She seems better than what was there and I guess that is what matters.

I was sad to see Jean go. I had become used to her doing the news in the morning hours when I had to get up early. Now it seems that Tony’s Universe has disappeared too. Is Tony going next? Meanwhile on the web, there is some talk that Devine may be soon departed at FOX. Some murmurs about Lisa Breck. I really like their work both and both are true ladies online. I certainly hope this is not true. I can understand cutting people to save bucks, every business does it at some point or another. But these two ladies are pillar employees and not easily replaceable.

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I scream

Now let us get away from the conundrum and escape during this hot week. There is nothing better than this on a hot afternoon.

Or this

Or this

and this among many others…

Baskin Robbins has been a long time part of the SoCal landscape and a favorite of many. Its boutiques I remember growing up with in Reseda in 1964, enjoying a French Vanilla scoop or two. It was, and remains a specialized fav of ice cream eaters and a parlor many judge at the top of their cones. But where other ice cream brands have branched out, BR has remained and I might add successfully a boutique brand. Ben and Jerry’s, Haagandaz to mention but a few, Rite Aid’s gold medal award “Thrifty’s” brand of ice cream all available to buy in cartons, but at BR this is not really the case. They can make up a carton or sell you a big one which can be quite expensive, but nothing on a commercial mass scale.

Besides cones, BR also has had something else for sale that was always eye candy for me growing up, their custom ice cream cakes. While not the first to invent this concoction, their stuff is right their at the top, but again expensive. Take a peek at these beauties for consideration the next time you want to celebrate a party event.

Remember the old Banana Split?

It’s still alive and quite well, tastes so damned good too. Or these cold beauties.

And their Ice Cream Cakes, yes they all have Ice Cream in them.

Ever wonder what they did with their cake rolls?

Yes it’s a cake not a mug…

and finally for all the ladies out there, because the ladies always deserve sweet things ๐Ÿ˜€ (I had to say that or I’d get in big trouble here ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Yes, those 60’s summers were fun and who could have imagined all of this. If you want to find a BR near you, might I recommend on a hot day you check out their website for a boutique near you.

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WB Screws Dallas Fans…twice!

Warner Bros. has begun to display a stupidity in marketing unlike anything every seen with a great product guffed by its own arrogance. You probably know of the new Dallas TV Series complete with the South Fork gang. Not in 1991, but rather 2012. It ran the first new season all summer and fall long and you would think they would have a DVD series for Americans to purchase. After all, what bigger TV series is made in American then or now other than Dallas. The new TV series on cable’s TNT has wrought major acclaim and cheers across the board on its come back. Something CBS might have considered reviving if they had any execs with half a brain. Unfortunately, I must tell you all, that WB’s marketing execs don’t have half a mind, in fact they don’t have even a quarter of aย  mind.

Dallas, an American TV series will first be released on DVD before the Christmas holiday season to Europe and many countries except in the United States. Americans will have to wait until 2013…WHY? What about getting it out to Americans for Christmas sales? Wouldn’t retailers be able to use those sales for their American businesses? No to all of these. Okay, many people these days have Blu-Ray players rather than the old DVD format which incidentally Blu-Ray players can read. Well, guess what WB execs have decided. On this important, already botched, American discriminating release, no Blu-Ray market sales. It’s not important. Those who watched the series on TV in HD will be fuming to hear that the version they can purchase will not even be of HD quality.

Bad business or willfully sabotaging the series for Americans. Doesn’t make good business sense, in fact it does not make any sense at all. What makes sense even less the 27 scenes cut from the original first season of 2012. You would think they would have the full episodes including the option to watch them with the cut scenes in place on the extras DVD, right? No, instead you get quick clips, not even the option to view in this day and age the cut scenes as they would have been watched in the original episodes. Let us talk price. The WB is notorious for cramming as many episodes onto the cheapest DVD stamps they can buy and this will not be any different. After all, look how the last four season DVD’s of the original Dallas were treated. Few DVD’s as possible in tight cheap packages and the DVD stamp quality or blank quality as some may call it, was such that many DVD’s had defects before the consumer even played them.

When you summarize the horrible marketing and planning to bring Dallas to the public, it doesn’t have to be like this, but than again worse things have happened. The Dallas release date is January 13th 2013 when it could have been now thru Christmas time.

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Mayor Ricity

It was the perfect night for Halloween in lightville, but that election had passed to a colder November and the local elections were on. The local candidate was Thomas Ricity running for mayor of the town and getting off work early, Margo knew he had to cast his ballot. Now there was lightening and heavy rains and it was treacherous out there, just God awful. But voting is a responsibility of everyone and he was intent on doing his duty. So he had one thing to do and he did it. Margo went to the polls to elect Ricity, and he did a shock poll upon exiting the voting booths for the news. One could say this was one of the most upsetting and shocking elections that lightville ever saw as the news outlets were still abuzz the following day.

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Vun Blahk PastIt

One day, a little old Jewish man was walking at 4th and Main street in New York. He was minding his own business, having traveled this route many times. Having lived in this neighborhood for decades it was his home and he knew it well. Dressed in Hisidic garb, he made his way along when a big black man confronted him. The man stopped the Jewish old guy and asked “Hey man, do you know where 5th and Main are?”

The little Jewish guy held his beard a moment, then snapped his fingers and in a Yiddish accent told the man an answer to his question. The accent didn’t help him much and a cop soon arrived and separated the angry blackman and now pummeled older Jewish man and got things calmed down. Now the younger black man was irate and for good reason.

The cop asked him why he was beating up the older Jewish man and he “Yo man, he called me a black bastard.”

Perturbed that he was witnessing racism on the part of the Jewish guy, the cop asked him if that is true. The Jewish man stood up barely and in a few minutes gathered himself from the beating. “He asked me where 5th and main ver and I told him vee are at 4th and main and he vuz, vun blahk pastit.”

It took a moment for this to set in and the cop relaxed. He turned to the still angry black man and said he meant you were “One block past 5th and Main.”

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The Fahkowie Tribe

All of you are aware of the Fahkowie (fah-kow-ee) Indians from Florida right, how they got their tribe name? Anyhow I had learned about their history and how they originally arrived on the shores of America, particularly South Florida. Now this is a fascinating tale and not too longโ€”so read on.

You’ve heard about the Fahkowie’s, anyhow, legend has it that they landed on the area north of Miami Florida and when they got to the land, they hiked inward. Oh there were the everglades, the swamps, the fields, and they came across gators and bears, even used them as a source for food and clothing. But, the main problem was they were in a new land and quite lost. Hiking for days, they were quite lost and one day they found a small hill, upon which the leader of the tribe stood upon. He looked in all directions and yet the sea was gone, the sun quite high and opening his arms he proclaimed “Where The Fahkowie!” and that is how the Florida Indian tribe got its name.

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